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See Pro-Life Youth Harassed by Cross-Dressing Nuns

29 Apr Posted by in News | 6 comments

For years pro-lifers have been attending the San Diego Earth Fair at Balboa Park, a 1,200-acre urban park in the middle of San Diego. The Fair is meant to be a platform to provide “environmental education, awareness and celebration” and typically draws around 60,000 visitors each year. But the event’s organizers are very liberal and are frustrated by the pro-life message.

The Earth Fair organizers refuse to sell space at their event to pro-lifers and try to force them out of the entire park. After successful litigation, pro-lifers were allowed to be in the area of the park that was not being rented by the “Earth Fair” event last Sunday, April 27.


In the last couple of years a radical homosexual activist group, “the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”, have been used to deny pro-lifers their First Amendment civil rights of peaceful free speech in the public forum. These cross-dressing “Nuns” show up in fright make-up, combat boots, and “bat caps” to stand in front of the pro-lifers, jostling and battering them in the process of trying to cover their signs.


The pro-lifers feel like there is a conspiracy between the Earth Fair organizers and the homosexual activists in concert with the San Diego police. No action was taken after reports were made to Lieutenant Marshall White and other members of the police force regarding the battery that the pro-life youth were experiencing from the homosexual activists at the event.

There is no First Amendment right to deny the free speech of others, or what is called the “hecklers veto.” Pro-lifer’s civil rights were being denied while police stood idly by.


Call San Diego Police and complain about Lieutenant Marshall White, of the special events department, who failed to protect the First Amendment Rights of pro-lifers.

  • CALL: (619) 531-2000
  1. Eual Blansett, Jr.04-29-14

    I would suggest that the Pro-lifers go to court and seek an injunction to prevent the actions of the homosexuals at the next earth day. I understand the difficulty of serving individuals, but an argument can be made that this is synonymous to a court order forbidding Pro-lifers from being any closer than a certain number of feet to the entrance to an abortion clinic. In the Pro-lifers situation, a similar court order could be sought to protect the free speech of the Pro-lifers. The court would order any protesting activity to stay a certain number of feet from the Pro-lifers. Anyone coming closer to protect could then be arrested by law enforcement officers for violating the court order. Yours, Eual Blansett, Jr.

  2. Mary04-29-14

    This is outrageous. Why does one segment of the population feel they are the only ones entitled to civil rights? The prolifers were not protesting the gay lifestyle — they were simply defending the right to life of unborn babies. Beyond that, this is a deliberate insult to the Catholic Church. Shame on them!

  3. Morris04-30-14


  4. Nina05-01-14

    As a Catholic, I’m begging you to re-phrase your piece. They are not nuns! They are imposters. “Cross dressing nuns” is a non sequiter.

  5. Bob05-06-14

    Welcome to aMERICA 2014, where…
    …anyone who dares speak the truth is demonized…

    “When are the men and women of God
    going to stand up and be counted?”

  6. Buc05-06-14

    “When your ideas are morally bankrupt…
    raise your voice and vilify your opponent.”

    “Look around you. We ARE in the middle of the outpouring of the wrath of God.”
    -James White

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