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Peaceful Pro-Life Activist Beaten by Police

31 Aug Posted by in News | 14 comments
Screen shot 2011-08-31 at 10.00.31 AM

At a fair in Franklin, Massachusetts, pro-lifer Peter D’Attilio was peacefully handing out pro-life materials when the police were called. The police accused Peter of conspiring to plant bombs at the event.

When Peter asked why they were accusing him, they simply said that pro-life people “are known for that kind of thing.” Then the police arrested, handcuffed and beat Peter, and then accused him of assaulting a police officer.

After Peter was released he discovered that his car had been broken into and searched. Now Peter was told he’s on a terrorist watch list. All of this for peacefully handing out pro-life literature.

This outrage has to be answered.


Help us demand that the Franklin police are held accountable for brutalizing Peter and that all citizens are afforded their constitutional rights. Contact the Chief of Police and the Town Council and demand an investigation into the assault of Peter D’Attilio.

Stephen T. Williams:
Franklin, MA Chief of Police

Scott Mason
: Chairman of Franklin, MA Town Council

  1. Sister Mary Lucy, SND08-31-11

    I plead on behalf of Peter D’Attilio be granted his rights
    as a citizen of the USA. And that an investigation be held by the Chief of Police and the Town Council regarding this assault.

  2. Skipfoss08-31-11

    This is just a sample of what is to come if we don’t get rid of tis Muslim Communist, I would like to see this cop and his Cheif be investgated for assault,violation of his civil rightsand false inprisonment

  3. Frank08-31-11

    It is normal for the police whenever they beat up anyone to charge them with something like assault on a police officer or resisting arrest. They will then offer to drop all charges against you if you go away. Typical.
    The only thing that will change this in this case is if the local citizens demand an investigation into the case. Not only do the charges need to be dropped but why was there an illegal search of his car? Also he needs to be off the terror list once he is found innocent.
    God bless this brave man for doing the right thing. May God strengthen him through this struggle.

    • Kevin08-31-11

      What I don’t understand is why all the good cops that are out there don’t police themselves better than they do for thug cops. If you are in law enforcement, why wouldn’t you insist on the highest standards of lawful conduct from those you share a uniform with? I just don’t see how anyone can dedicate themselves to fighting crime and then tolerate it in their own ranks. How messed up is that? It is just reprehensible that an incident like this would be ignored unless there is a public outcry.

  4. Rick08-31-11

    There are always two sides to a story. We are only getting one side here. I’m deferring judgment until I hear both sides.

    • Adam08-31-11

      A Google search for Peter D’Attilio, arrest & Franklin does not return anything from news organizations such as AP, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC or even FOX. There’s either more to this story, or simply nothing at all.

      • Kevin08-31-11

        Another possibility is that CADC was the first contacted by Peter. The networks don’t always consider matters like this newsworthy, especially if it is just another conservative that was beat up or killed and not one of their brother liberals.

    • Peter D'A08-31-11

      Rick, you silly goose, you did get the other side in the form of the police report. By law the policer officer has to report everything that happened in his report. That counts as his side of the events. We would like to question him further since his story keeps changing. Where is the warrent to search my vehicle? Who are the witnesses which he claims “gathered around”(they refused to reveal names when I asked). How did he injure his knee, precisely. Why was that not in the original report? Where are the hospital records? I could go on for pages about unanswered Q’s by police.
      P.S. What was the original charge? Why did they put me in cuffs in the 1st place? There is no charges accept resisting arrest after they cuffed me for no reason. What was the reason? The reason was handing out pro-life public service anouncements, trying to help women, saving lives and fighting for women’s rights. Of which all were grateful except 1 cop, 1 guy who runs the event (& afraid of losing business) & only 1 complaintant that I know of, who objected on political grounds not anything substancial or legal.

  5. Morris08-31-11

    Thank you for this notice. I have e-mailed both officials to protest this outrage and demand that an investigation be conducted, the lawless perpetrators swiftly brought to justice.

  6. Eileen Kuch08-31-11

    Nobody is above the law; not even police officers nor government officials. Assaulting an iundividual simply passing out pro-life flyers is a crime; period. It’s known as ASSAULT & BATTERY; and, it’s a FELONY when the assault is perpetrated on anyone unable to fight back or causes severe injury to the victim.

    In the above-mentioned case, Peter D’Atillio (the victim) was simply handing out pro-life flyers to people at the fair he was attending; not harrassing anyone. What makes what happened to him next is felonious assault, in that he was first approached by some officers and questioned as to the nature of the materials; then, harrassed and handcuffed BEFORE the actual beating. In other words, Peter was UNABLE to fend off the attack, due to the handcuffs on his wrist.

  7. Ion31608-31-11

    I guess that kind of affairs is not a big news for the media giants, but there is a link for a brief report of the incident:
    The new tolerance concept is to be intolerant for those who don´t think like the most people (democracy fallacy).

  8. Art08-31-11

    Sorry to say but all must have another when we go in public places, both carry a small camera that takes short video so it can be recorded. Get this man some justice’

  9. Stefanie Plante09-01-11

    I t is sad that a man cannot protect the unborn.It is so sad.Our world needs to remember children are a blessing from God.In the end days the right willbe wrong the wrong right .I pray for the unborn.I know being a mom is hard but ya don’t kill em!!!!!!!! I respect Gods warriors.It is a long road ahead!

  10. Raymond09-04-11

    No surprise here.

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