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New ABC Show Defames Christians

06 Apr Posted by in News | 37 comments

The mainstream media continues to push the boundaries of public morality and engage in anti-Christian bigotry. This time it’s ABC, who is owned by Disney, that’s testing the limits.

A new show is being produced entitled “Good Christian B****.” It portrays Christian women as mean-spirited antagonists who maliciously ally themselves against a new woman in town.

The premise and title of show is completely offensive. There would never be a show called the “Good Jewish B****” or “Good Muslim B****.” This is simply another bigoted attack that is demeaning to both women and Christians.

This twisted mischaracterization of the Christian faith should not be allowed to defame an entire religion. There is no such thing as a good, Christian b****.

Last year we informed you about a blasphemous show that was in the works at Comedy Central. The show was about Jesus Christ, and was certain to be inflammatory and offensive to Christians.

But because of your efforts, over three hundred Comedy Central advertisers were contacted and urged not to sponsor the program. The advertisers were reminded that this show was potentially offensive to over 83% of Americans who consider themselves Christians and many non-Christians of good will who had expressed concern. Not one single sponsor indicated any desire to sponsor this sacrilegious program.

We can do this again!


Please, join us and demand that ABC not air this inflammatory and offensive show. Let your local ABC station know that should it decide to air this offensive program, you will pressure local advertisers to pull their advertising business from the show and station. You can find your local station’s contact information here.

  1. Jennifer Ingles03-08-11

    I am astonished to hear that you are even thinking about having a show like this. You would never do this to the muslims. I urge you to take this off and not air it and not to do anything like this again. It is bad enough my husband and i cannot even watch your channel becuase of the horrible stuff you put on this channel.

    • HarryFromMA08-03-11

      Jennifer, Your post is good, but ABC/Disney won’t read it here. Please contact ABC headquarters, Disney & the local ABC affiliate.

  2. Jane Boynton03-08-11

    I contacted the station per email.

  3. Nancy Rathert03-08-11

    What a discusting idea…someone is desperate to do a program like this…shame on you and shame on ABC. This is offensive not only to Christians but to women also.

  4. M&M W. A. Klein03-08-11

    “Good Christian B****.” We demand that ABC not air this inflammatory and offensive show.

  5. Kim Dickmeyer03-08-11

    I find the proposed new ABC show “Good Christian Bitches” very highly offensive. A show called “Good Muslim Bitches” or “Good Jewish Bitches” would never even be considered for broadcast.

    ABC needs to know that Nebraska’s citizens, advertisers, and television viewers do not appreciate this type of inflammatory program content. I hope that they will decide not to air this tasteless and demeaning show.

    Mr. Kim Dickmeyer
    Venango, NE

  6. Tim Kunselman03-08-11

    I am deeply offended by ABC’s plans for a new show called “Good Christian B****” There would never be a show called “Good Jewish B****” or Goods Muslim B****” and this is how it should be. It should not be acceptable to defame the Christian religion either. Since over 83% of Americans consider themselves to be Christian it doesn’t make good business since either.

  7. Tim Kunselman03-08-11

    Everyone whether Christian or not should oppose this offensive show.

  8. Morris03-08-11

    If a majority of the population is deeply offended by this coarse, calculatedly demeaning form of bigotry and slander, just think how offended God must be, the One people most need to be careful not to offend. Producing something like this is not only mean, but pretty stupid, if you ask me. (And nobody did, but I’m saying so anyway.)

  9. Arnold Rajan03-09-11

    I am a Malaysian and am sad to see the deterioation of the US, becoming so anti-christian. I am disgusted with ABC, how can you even think of such a thing. As a human being who hates discrimination against any race or religion, I protest and demand that ABC drop this nonsense program.

  10. Laura Leslie, Bellefonte, PA03-09-11

    While we do receive ABC on our dish, we have mostly switched to INSP or Hallmark that give decent family programing that I don’t have to worry about my children viewing. I am appalled that ABC is even considering producing a show like this. Where will it end? When we have such racisim and bigotry in this country that we have no love or tolerance for anyone? I realize ratings sell, but if ABC goes through with this, I will contact every sponsor and STRONGLY encourage them NOT to support this show.

  11. Maryfran- Houston. TX03-09-11

    Seriously??? ABC must be pulling this show out of their desperate pile because anyone with any common sense would know that this NOT what the American people want to see. Pull your minds Out Of The Gutter….. We know ABC can do the right thing!

  12. Sister Mary Lucy, SND03-09-11

    It is best for your station to produce quality programs rather than ones which offend anyone’s religion.

  13. Carolyn Sherrouse03-09-11

    It is very upsetting to me that ABC is considering airing the program entitled “Good Christian B****.” Our country is in a time where we all need to pull together to bring our country back to “One Nation Under God.”

    Our children and young adults do not need to be influenced by such a degrading program about women and the Christian faith. They are our future leaders of our country, and they need programs that will inspire them to achieve good things for our country.

    I pray you will not proceed with production of this program.

  14. Truett Collins03-09-11

    Just one more example of how the media of our nation is turning more and more into a group that are anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-Moral group. It is to the point that they have forgotten that the blessings of God are what built this country and allowed them to thrive over the years.

  15. Rev. Jacob N. Muiruri03-10-11

    My family and I immigrated to the USA and have made a deliberate choice to be citizens of this Nation which was founded under the direction and moral law of God. However the American we heard about is not the same that we experience everyday. In America ,we daily struggle with racism, bigotry, ignorance about who we are as human beings. The planned ABC liberal media’s to attack the Christian faith is just gross violation of the Christian human rights and a denial of their equality under the Law. To pick on one major religion for this attack in a country that is supposed to be democratic and to do that to faithful followers of Jesus is just a clear indication of the failure of the elitist liberals to offer freedom to all religious faiths. They can’t dare to do the same to Muslim, Jew, Hindu or any other faiths. Where is president Obama to openly defend the right of Christians to believe and practice what they believe or is he now only willing to defend his friends the homosexuals and Muslims?

    ABC please stop this madness and let Christians enjoy their freedom. Let us all join together and sue ABC if they go a head with their plans to denigrate the Christians in this our Nation.

    Blessings in Christ,

    Rev. Jacob Muiruri
    Trinity Anglican Church, Dallas

    • alexandria perez03-10-11

      i totally agree [:

    • Brinda03-15-11

      I agree. Until you hit them in the pocketbook they will not listen. It’s all about money. They don’t care about anyone or anything except the money.

    • justin05-12-11

      i completely agree to u. we all have the same or different faiths. making fun of me because im a christian is like making fun of me cause im a filipino cause thats who i am!

  16. alexandria perez03-10-11

    this is soo messed up!! everyone should stand up for christians and women, andd go world wide about this stupid discusing show!

    • alexandria perez03-10-11


  17. Brad Bullock03-15-11

    Who set around a table and decided this was okay to do? This is why I am so glad I am not in the television industry any more. The biggest kicker is all the beautiful, wonderful Christian women that will be slandered with this. My wife included. Go for the advertisers, especialy yor local advertisers. That is the key.

  18. Greta Carrick03-16-11

    Do not air this show! Christains have tolerated alot of nonsense in the name of free speech, but this is carrying it too far.

  19. Woamn of God03-16-11

    Outrageous! I agree w/Kim that if this were a show about Muslims or any other faith, it would not be considered to run. The moral decline in this country is sad.
    Now I know why I do not watch TV. As for ABC and their sponsers, if this show runs, many of us will boycott your products and ABC itself. If I had TV, and had a favorite show on your channel, oh well, I wouldnt watch it anymore just because it is ABC.
    this is defamation to Christianity.

    • Woman of God03-16-11

      sorry. I was so upset I misspelled Woman. didnt see an edit button.

  20. John Partain03-17-11

    ABC has really scraped the bottom of the barrel this time. It seems they try to outdo their immorality from the previous season. I’ll bet if it were Muslim or atheist instead of Christian, there would be an uproar.
    ABC, we are firmly taking a stand against such moral trash.Would you allow your children to be subjected to this kind of show? Would you stand for your wives to be called a name such as this? Do not air this show!

  21. Helena04-07-11

    I am not even Christian and I find this utterly repulsive.

  22. Stephen Rigg04-07-11

    Hopefully everyone will act like Christians and not muslims when they contact ABC about this. We want to be salt and light, bless those who persecute you. Please don’t act like you want to cut their head off, we’ll leave that to the muslims.

  23. Al04-07-11

    ABC-just go ahead and air this program, then watch your demise for when 1000s of Christians send their multi-thousands of Fbook friends protesting this PURE NONSENSE! Oh, and then take a look at YOUR wallet! This WILL cost you, ABC! We are fed up, and we are taking action!

  24. Shirley Drwal04-08-11

    Well creativity is slowed down, common sense as well, so now we’ve found ABC on the road to quagmire, there does not seem to be a curve in their path, shows which have the temerity to be so clinging to bring down Christians to what end. What could you gain from this as a human being. Were you mistreated in some off the wall parochial school in One Step Beyond? I’m disgusted with ABC.

  25. justin05-12-11

    Good christian (bleeps) reallly offended me. they don’t know christians and what they did.>:(

  26. rita05-13-11

    I am a Canadian with access to ABC. I will make note, if this terrible form of hate mongering is allowed to air, all sponsors and WILL NOT buy products from them. It is beyond belief how anyone finds belittling and misrepresenting a group is comical. Would this show be allowed if it were titled: Good Gay B…..? or Good Muslim B…? I think not. This is offensive to everyone. Perhaps we as consumers in both Canada and the USA need to evaluate if ABC is something we should support at all. I say, begin boycotting all stations affiliated with them if this continues!!

  27. WoW05-14-11

    There would never be a show called “Good Jewish B****” because the Jews control television. Jews HATE Christians! That is why they make shows like this. Wake up America!

  28. Phil Adams06-06-11

    So, this is the liberal tolerance I keep hearing about? If you can only live peacefully with those who believe exactly like you, tolerance is not the right word.

    Advertisers, I think if you do a little more reaearch, you will find most find this programming unacceptable. ABC, if you dare broadcast this program, I will choose any of the thousands of other channesl and “never” watch yours again.

    Give it more thought, it’s your future.

  29. Blessing04-15-13

    I don’t blame ABC or d show producers. I simply find d so called ‘good christian bitches’ characters disgusting and highly immoral to suit themselves in dis blaspemous role. Even if d were athiest.

  30. Dan Rush08-26-13

    Do we need to ask why the United States shall cease to exist when Christ returns? Pray for these lost people for they are all on their way to the pit unless they change.

  31. Jean Michel08-27-13

    Christians are being defamed for saying Atheists go to hell…awwww….

    Christians don’t kill people, such as during the Christian Crusades…or during the Spanish Inquistion, or the burning or so-called witches…!

    Poor little Christians…

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