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NBC Airs Blasphemous Attack on Jesus

19 Feb Posted by in News | 33 comments
Djesus Uncrossed.png

Over the weekend, the NBC television network lashed out in one of its most anti-Christian, blasphemous attacks yet. This isn’t the first time.

In 2011 NBC took the mention of God from the Pledge of Allegiance in its lead-up to coverage to the U.S. Open at the Congressional Country Club. This happened not once, but twice. The blatant omission revealed NBC’s real anti-religious bigotry.

NBC is notorious for allowing Christian bashing to occur on its network. But it was still shocking when “Saturday Night Live”, the popular sketch show, did a bloody “Quentin Tarantino parody” on the life of Jesus Christ.

The skit was entitled “Djesus Uncrossed”, a play on a recent Tarantino movie. The skit showed a fake movie trailer of Jesus engaging in extreme violence and shocking profanity. It even showed Jesus slicing a man’s head in half. The announcer declared “I never knew how much Jesus used the N-word.”

NBC would never allow its programs to air a skit mocking Mohammed or Judaism. That would be anti-Semitic or politically incorrect. But Christ and Christianity are fair game. Remember ABC’s show “Good Christians B*****”? The media is unashamed in its disdain for the Christian faith.

We cannot let this go unanswered. Christians should be outraged at this behavior!


Contact NBC today and demand that they issue an apology for airing such an offensive and blasphemous program.

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    •  – Click on the drop-down menu “Select Show” and choose “Saturday Night Live” to leave your comments.
      •  – “Dear NBC, I am shocked and disappointed at your blasphemous portrayal of Jesus Christ. While I respect your First Amendment freedom of the press, your willingness to engage in anti-Christian sacrilege shows a deplorable lack of taste and common decency. I demand a public apology.”
  1. andy02-19-13

    that’s because Saturday Night Live is ran by Jews and the guy who host is a Jew… all of Hollywood is ran by Jews and 80 percent of the actors are Jews.. The synagogue of Satan is running america..

    • Andrew02-21-13

      andy just remember Messiah is a Jew, ALL the disciples were Jews, the Mother of Messiah was a Jew. Even Paul was a Jew.come to think of it Yeshua (jesus) came ONLY for the House of Israel. What did the sign say over Messiah’s head “King of the Jews”. come to think of it who nailed the Messiah to the cross a Jew or a Gentile? A GENTILE put Yeshua on the cross. Andy pick up your bible and start reading the Jewish Book.

      • Dwight03-12-13

        Andrew, Jesus came to earth for the salvation of everyone – Jews and gentiles. Maybe you should follow your own instructions and read the Bible.

  2. James Creasy02-19-13

    I respect the First Amendment, but as for “freedom of the press” that has become a joke. Now days such “freedom” means they are free to editorialize with all kinds of 1/2-truths or even omit reporting issues dealing with those they disagree with in their corporate ideology. NBC, like many media sources, is a sham today, nothing like it used to be in the 50s and 60s. Their continued shameless behavior toward Christians and Christian principles (on which this country was founded) will only lead to their own demise. It may be the only way to get through to such corporations is to write to those who spend money advertising on their media and state your reasons why you prefer other outlets. It’s sad to say, but maybe the only way they will get the message is when their income drops.

  3. Christopher02-19-13

    Umm, Christians should not be the least bit surprised by this at all! Jesus Himself SAID this sort of thing would happen! DUH! May as well complain about the weather. It won’t change anything!
    Oh, and for the record: I AM A CHRISTIAN!

  4. Ken Majors02-19-13

    – “Dear NBC, I am shocked and disappointed at your blasphemous portrayal of Jesus Christ. While I respect your First Amendment freedom of the press, your willingness to engage in anti-Christian sacrilege shows a deplorable lack of taste and common decency. I demand a public apology.” The DJesus Uncrossed was very offensive to my and many other views beliefs. God sent his Son Jesus to died for the worlds sin. Yet you cast his name and image of who he was in total irregard for His greatness and meaning to Christians. Freedom of speech? I hope Christians get an apology from your network. To you Sirs Shame in the lack of recognizing and respecting My Lord and Saviour. Ken Majors

  5. Dosia Casey02-19-13

    I am totally shocked at this horrible, despicable portrayal of Jesus. It is totally out of order and untrue. He was God and Man who loved people enough to die for their sins. He was sinless. God the Father has committed all judgment to His Son. I would encourage whoever decided to show these lies and blasphemies about our Lord that they repent or things will not go well for them either now or on the Judgment day when they will be face to face with Jesus Himself. The Word says “we must be born again to enter the Kingdom of God.”
    You need to apologize for this anti-Christian sacrilege to the millions of Christians around this country.
    Dosia Casey

  6. Saddened02-19-13

    I saw the beginning of that skit, but turned it off at some particularly vulgar point. What saddens me is the willingness of SNL/ABC to so blatantly disrespect Christ and Christianity. This reveals the low moral state of those network executives than anything else. I cannot believe their mothers were proud of their sons and daughters after that performance.

  7. robert pacheco02-20-13

    If your company is so proud in expressing it’s “rights”, then why not in all fairness air a parody using an Muslim or Judaic icon! Come on, we dare you?!

    • Allan02-21-13

      Here! Here! Robert. That’s precisely the line of reasoning I am going to put in my email to NBC. And, maybe add a little extra for emphasis. Unfortunately, with muslims running the White House it just makes it a little bit harder to get any justice done.

      God bless!

  8. Tim02-20-13

    Unbeleiveable! I will never be watching NBC or Saturday Night Live again! This is blasphemous!

  9. Danny02-20-13

    I am greatly offended that this public portrayal of Jesus would air anywhere in the United States, I understand the freedom of speech but this is sacrilege to the worst possible degree. If you did a skit like this portraying Mohammad and aired it on National TV….there would be heads roll….

  10. David Rauchwarter02-20-13

    Hebrews 4:12

    For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

  11. Janelle02-20-13

    You really should be ashamed!! You don’t make spoofs on Muslims, Jewish, etc., ou won’t go there!! I watched your shows all the time! Now I’m boycotting it!! Shame on you!!

  12. Phil122402-20-13

    Just for the record this not a parody of Jesus, this is a parody of a Quentin Tarantino movie. He has made a career out of making films about taboo subjects (slavery, the holocaust, torture, etc) and he has not been afraid twist historical fact to suit his specific narrative. For example, his film Inglorious Basterds was centered around a plot to kill Hitler. We all know that Hitler doesn’t die in a French movie theater but in the film he did because it is more satisfying that what actually happened. Its a movie. Its fiction.

    This SNL parody trailer is an extreme version (i.e. A PARODY) of how the writers feel that Tarantino would portray the story of Jesus. In this case, they think he would turn it into a revenge western similar to his most recent work, Django Unchained, about a former slave who takes revenge on the men who enslaved him and his wife. The fact that they had Christoph Waltz, who had major roles in both the films mentioned above, to star in this fake trailer only makes the parody more compelling.

    SNL is made for Americans and Americans are predominantly Christian. Even those who are not believers tend to know the Jesus bullet points so to appeal to the widest audience it would make more sense to use the more widely known story. Sure, if it was the Mohammad story it would have had a lot of shock value but it wouldn’t necessarily have been as funny. I think you are assuming that they are trying to offend Christians to increase their audience but I think they were trying to make something funny and appealing the widest audience possible.

  13. Joe Almon02-20-13

    Let It Be.. There is a reason we should take no offense to this. We,if you have true faith, Know is going happen. Our duty is to grow closer to Christ and stay obedient to the commandments. Was He not persecuted in his mortal ministry? We know the answer to that. Was He not tempted aswe are today? The answer to that is the same. I was taught return not railing for railing as a child and later as an adult. In days to come we will see more come our way. May I offer the many Christians in the world a bit of advise? The media survives on rating. What happens when people refuse to watch their shows or channels,period? They feel our choice to obstain. Fasting works miracles in our lives. How about staying away from the tv for a week? Instead of watching hours of television, spend time with your children.When popular shows are on Shut the tv off and read with your children. Shut off video games and computers also fpr quality family time. How many of you are sport fanatics? Turn off your sports and obstain from any info on your favorites. If enough do it for about 4weeks in a row this will hit home for them.You can fight these problems with common sense. Those that are addicted and can’t live without sports won’t take this info to heart. I as you all to shut your tv’s off one week then do it for 2 weeks. They will get the message. Band together for this purpose.

  14. Tom Nerbins02-21-13

    If any religion deserves persecution, it’s the Xtians! Go SNL!

  15. Angela Sauer02-21-13

    I’m disgusted in the airing of this show. I find it offensive, and have decided to no long watch your network. It is shows like this and others that cause me to want to just shut our cable off. God will have the last word, I pray you ask for forgiveness and repent of your wicked ways.

  16. AJ02-21-13

    Back in the 90’s SNL did a skit with Jerry Seinfeld where he played an alchoholic Elijah coming for his glass of wine at a family’s Passover Seder… Is it on the same level as Djesus Uncrossed, no, but still it was making fun of the Jewish religion… and as a Jew, I still laughed.

  17. rickster02-21-13

    so. do you think the fine folks at snl should be stoned or burned at the stake. your outrage is as faux as your religion.

  18. RedMann02-21-13

    Here’s the deal; Christians have no right not to be offended. You religious beliefs are fair game for ridicule as any other unfounded beliefs. Freedom of speech from a constitutional point of view only refers to the government restricting speech. If you don’t like what SNL did you are quite free to complain to them about it, but you have no speical right to stop them. Anyway, as has already been pointed out, it was a parody of Tarantino, not your Jesus. If you don’t like something on TV or in the movies, don’t watch it, but you can’t attempt to make others unable to watch what they want to.

    • Mm02-21-13

      Except they arent unfounded. Theyre based on truth.

    • Allan02-22-13

      Do you see any of the Media doing anything similar for Jews or Muhammed? Of course not, because they know they would have a dear price to pay. That’s the difference between Christians & the rest of the religions. We take the patient & peaceful approach. Muslims would be rioting, the Jews would have filed a complaint in court & the other religions would be somewhere between those areas. Do you really believe that we would be complaining if all religions were treated the same. You are acting like the typical 12 year-old schoolyard bully taunting a peaceful religion that you know you’re not going to have any serious repercussions coming back to you. So, why don’t you grow up & think like an adult. A Disclaimer: I have good friends of almost every faith & color. Helped raise some of their kids and dated some of the ladies with marriage in mind. I am, also Pro-Jewish & always will be. But they, like everyone else, should be judged & held accountable for their actions. Or, did you miss that part in the Constitution? We, are all created equally.

      Remember this, you no longer have any rights left in the USA. After, your rights are gone. They start to marginalize segments of the population one group at a time & then they get rid of them. Eventually, they will get to your group & it will be your turn to be persecuted. Sufferring, the same fate as the people you persecuted earlier. Joining the persecutors won’t save you because they ALWAYS purge those “useful idiots (their words, not mine)” after they finish using them. Google “The history of Tyranny” or something similar & see it with your own eyes. My career is in geopolitics so I should know. It’s no longer if they will come for you. It’s just a matter of when? I do not wish ill of you but instead will pray for you. As, I pray everyday for all people. Go, in peace!

  19. katty wompus02-21-13

    Such phony outrage from “believers” who find no such outrage in the raping of children by priests and the cover-ups; for example.

    Oh, and this site is not NBC. Direct your moronic rants to them directly. Better yet, grab a torch and pitchfork and run out into the street.

  20. mike diamond02-21-13

    N B C = the i dont care net work,they have insulted my christian faith,i will never watch anything on wont here a peep out of them about this,no im sorry no nothing, what a shame.if they had insulted the muslim faith barry would have ask for some prison time!

  21. Dru Allard02-21-13

    Maybe I’m not the far-right nut job I thought I was. I’m usually on board with most of the anti-NBC comments. Maybe I’m more pro-gun than Catholic. But I was laughing the whole time. It’s rather “What if Jesus were a muslim”?

    I find it one of the least offensive anti-christian skits they’ve done. It almost highlights how incredible the teachings of Christ really are. In an age of entitlement and revenge (litigation Affirmative Action)for ever perceived slight. In it’s own way for me highlights the forgiveness and humility Christ had when he said “forgive them father”.

    As usual, the fascists have overstepped and shown their own hypocrisy and intolerance in sharp relief.

    Or maybe it’s blasphemy and we should…what…forgive them?

    I don’t know.

  22. Audie C Gates02-21-13

    Paul said the god of this world has blinded their eyes..where would you be “If not for the Grace of God…?

  23. Morris02-21-13

    Jesus DID warn regarding Christian persecution and that it would intensify as the last days drew near, the world and its behavior waxing worse and worse. As a Christian who loves and worships Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, any disrespectful mockery of Him and His loving sacrifice is offensive to me, even under the guise of free speech. I can’t personally change the mindset and behavior of people I don’t know and have no contact with who no doubt care nothing for what any Christian believes, thinks and feels, even while it’s my right as well to express my disappointment and offense with this type of programming (which I’ll do). I can and will pray for the eyes of those who mock God to be opened, ultimately receiving the salvation Jesus gave His life for them to have. I feel intense grief for those who have missed and do not know Jesus, even while it’s their right to choose for or against Him, choosing either Heaven or Hell for all eternity.

  24. Bob02-22-13

    The networks would never offend Islam, Judaism, or any other major religion the way they feel free to do so with Christianity.

    It’s not bigoted to ask why, and it’s not over reacting to draw attention to the reality of the situation and the double standard.

    It’s not surprising to see it, however, since the darkness of this world hates the Truth.

  25. Heaven bound02-24-13

    I just pray for GOD to forgive them all, nobody in their right mind would even think about doing a show like that. A show like that hurts so many people. It is so ?? I can’t even describe it. GOD help us all.

  26. David02-24-13

    I’ve been a Christian for 25 years, even served God on the missions field in Haiti for a while.

    This skit doesn’t bother me in the least. It’s Quentin Tarantino’s over-the-top violence they’re mocking, not Christ. If anything, the piece shows a respect for Jesus as a man of peace by jarring us with such graphic violence to make fun of Tarantino’s storytelling.

  27. Jose02-25-13

    A little thin-skinned, aren’t you? Your evil religion is responsible for burning witches, for killing tens of thousands or more people in the Crusades, and many of you actually believe you are now fighting a religious war in the Mideast. You and your stinking religion DESERVE to be mocked and belittled as the religious fantatics you are!

  28. Kuran06-03-13

    Haha I don’t know which is funnier, the skit or the over-the-top outrage at poking a little fun at Christianity. Cause, you know, history long persecution of the Jews is now over looked. And the Muslims blow themselves up anyway, we don’t need to make a joke at a joke. But hey, Christians get the hardest out of life.

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