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Hey Mister, nice dress!

07 Nov Posted by in News | 25 comments

The Senate just passed a radical bill that once again threatens the religious liberty of all Christians. ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, stops “workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.” Radical homosexuals have demanded this bill.

ENDA opens the door to bizarre behavior. Will you send your elementary age kids to a class with a cross-dressing teacher? This bill would stop schools from barring this behavior. Why are political leaders giving in to selfish adults with emotional issues, and not thinking about the innocent children? Children shouldn’t be the victims of these misguided adults’ desire to live publicly a queer lifestyle?

Not only that, but religious business and organizations are at risk too. ENDA provides no opt-out for religious hospitals, educational institutions and businesses that don’t want to hire people who live contrary to the groups Christian beliefs.

With ENDA the Obama administration continues its unrelenting attacks on our Christian liberties. Obama-care already forces businesses and organizations to pay for abortions, and now they could be forced to hire homosexuals. This is infuriating! Nothing is sacred to this radical agenda.

Lesbian Chai Feldblum, the bill’s author, sits on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. When asked what would happen between religious liberties and homosexual “rights”, she said it is simply a matter of “Gays win; Christians lose.”

Join us in demanding that the House stop this horrible bill right in its tracks.


Contact your Congressman today and ask whether they want their children and grandchildren to be taught by a cross-dressing teacher? Demand that they stop this foolish bill. Click here to find your Congressmen’s contact information.

  1. Jane11-07-13

    Love thy neighbour, even your gay neighbour. Even your cross dressing neighbour, even your “queer” neighbour. Don’t be such an intolerant dipstick. It makes Jesus cry when you judge others.

    • Dan11-08-13

      Please tolerate Christians if your truly accepting of all! Why do you like using only portions of the bible. What about the part of the bible that says In Luke 14:33, Jesus said you must give up everything to be His disciple. (including selfish same sex desires)

      • Chip Fox11-11-13

        I don’t see Christians giving up their families or their money…

    • Guest11-08-13

      “It makes Jesus cry when you judge others.” Do you really think that is true? If so, why? Is it Biblical? Historical even? Or is just it that the American “Christianity” of the last hundred years has degenerated into nothing more than a self-help support group for women?

      Are you suggesting that Jesus cries when we have laws as a society? Does he cry when a rapist, murderer, or thief is taken off of the streets and put in jail so he can’t harm anyone else?

      On the topic of judging, I encourage you to read John 7:24, 1 Cor 5:12-13, Lev 19:15, Deut 16:18-20.

  2. Adam11-07-13

    Hey Mister…. I’m sick of your junk mail. Unsubscribe me.

    • Mm11-07-13

      This isnt junk and you should take it more seriously

      • john11-10-13

        You should stop being such a bigot

      • Gramma from Canada11-11-13


  3. Morris11-08-13

    Speaker of the House Boehner has publicly rejected the ENDA agenda, contacting my congressional representative just yesterday regarding the upcoming vote in the House. Requesting that he stand in opposition with Speaker Boehner and strongly oppose the bill as well, I received a generic ‘thank you for contacting my office’ reply with no statement of committment. Given leader Boehner’s opposition, perhaps the House will follow suite and correctly vote against this nonsense. Our political leaders truly need much prayer, praying God will open their eyes to truth and give them courage, placing a passion in their hearts for the good and perfect law of God.

    • rickster11-08-13

      your silly religion has no business interfering with the laws of this land or other peoples rights. now go back to ironing your white sheet and hood and muttering about how unfair it is you can’t own slaves like the bible tells you you can.

      • Guest11-08-13

        Good comment Rickster, because that’s not judgmental or prejudicial at all.

    • Chip Fox11-11-13

      So what if you could get fired for getting divorced or having an affair? Do you think we should remove protections for those instances so everyone can get fired equally for their personal relationships?

  4. Clint11-08-13

    There is nothing radical about ENDA. There are 21 states and 88% of the Fortune 500 corporations with the same policy, which has not been a problem for anyone. It would not allow a teacher to cross-dress in violation of a school policy (by the way, most cross-dressers are heterosexuals, not gays). It is no threat to Christianity. If anything, it is the Golden Rule in the secular realm, encouraging all of us to treat each other with the same respect, regardless of our differences, as Jesus would wish. The civil rights laws have made our country better.

  5. rickster11-08-13

    has it ever dawned on you that the problem isn’t gays but your religion? the god of your religion said it was alright to slaughter the people already living on land you invaded and take the women and rape them, castrate men, make people slaves, deem women unclean and not to eat bacon and shellfish. methinks it is time for you to evolve and your silly religion and god to grown up.
    the constitution of this country wasn’t written to protect only your rights but the RIGHTS OF ALL PEOPLE. you can take your concept of sin and shove it, it has no right being used to deny people their civil rights.

  6. rickster11-08-13

    Christians defame people each and every day. they have some nerve complaining about people pointing out all the lies they tell.

  7. Ken11-08-13

    How I long for the day when you can be fired for simply being a bigot/christian. Walk in another man’s shoes for one day before judging him. Oh, yes, didn’t your bible tell you to judge not that you be not judged?

  8. Jon11-09-13

    They will let negros and women teach our kids next.

  9. Paul11-09-13

    The main concerns around legislating for gay rights are the potential for creating confusion for children and wider society, encouragement of minority agenda, devaluation of the family unit and deterioration of the Christian faith. A minority group’s agenda doesn’t stop with a few innocuous changes to legislation and society. Soon our children will be encouraged to read same sex books that espouse same sex relations.

    It will be illegal to speak out about certain behaviors that are quite destructive to the family unit and society. It won’t be long before other disgusting and detestable behaviors are encouraged as the norm in our societies.

    • Chip Fox11-11-13

      How will you explain to the children that you can’t fire someone for being gay?

      The same way you explain to your children that you can’t fire someone for living with their girlfriend, getting a divorce, or having an affair. You realize these erode family values right?

      Maybe you should lobby to be able to fire people for their straight personal relationships too.

  10. skewCZ11-10-13

    These guys rile me up, not only are they ignorant bigots, but they don’t even take the time to pull their head out of whatever bodily cavity to look at other countries and see how things work there.

    “If we allow gay marriage, what’s next, bestial marriage?” – no, look at all the countries that legalized it and nothing like that happened.

    “If we allow gays serving openly in the military, it’s going to compromise our national security!” – no, look at all the countries that legalized it and nothing like that happened.

    “If we pass this law, we’ll have cross-dressers in a classroom teaching our kids!”
    I wonder if they’re honestly going interpret the law to allow that. As far as I know, we have similar laws here (and in many other countries) and I yet have to come across CD teacher.
    If that happened, it would (unfortunately) probably have adverse effects on the teacher’s authority and hence he’d be ordered not to do it again (just like he’d be ordered not wear a hat). There, no cross-dressers in the classroom.

    Calm your tits religious conservatives. There are reasons for you to be afraid, since your ideas about morality are going out of fashion and you’re dying out faster than ever, but using scare tactics and making shit up isn’t going to help your case either.

  11. Pupienus Maximus11-10-13

    Your religious liberty is not threatened. ENDA does not prevent you from practicing your religion. You think it is but you do not have a right to practice your religion on others. Send your little monsters to a religious school if you don’t like it.

  12. Peter11-10-13

    Seriously? The “Think of the children” appeal to emotion.

    This logical fallacy is used
    –As justification for censorship
    –As justification for prejudice
    –As justification to circumvent logical debate

    You win two of of three.

    Is this a troll web site or are you people really this stupid.
    Lets see

  13. john11-10-13

    You sure are being persecuted. I mean everyday the rights if Christians are violated. Just this morning there was traffic on the way to church. Those ungrateful bastards!

  14. john11-10-13

    Also If you are thinking about the children, then why dont you stop shoving religion down their throat has let them decide for themselves?

  15. Chip Fox11-11-13

    If you can’t fire someone for being gay, what next? They might allow women to vote! Blacks might be able to work next to you and be allowed to go the same schools as your children! This is a slippery slope. Even dogs could take your job someday!

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