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Great American Patriot Removed from Congress

20 Nov Posted by in News | 2 comments

Today Congressman Allen West (R) conceded to his opponent, Patrick Murphy (D), for Florida’s 18th Congressional District. The process was suspicious from the start and the truth may never come out. The questionable results came from St. Lucie County, where the Supervisor of Elections is a liberal democrat with a clear reason to remove conservative Christian West from Congress. Many are concerned about the amount of over-counted, undercounted or fraudulent votes in the results. But West conceded that there was likely an insufficient amount to change the 0.58% lead his opponent has.

Today Representative Pete Session (R., Texas) commented that the House GOP has lost one of its most needed voices for the people. “Allen’s intense love of God and country has electrified our Republican team and we have benefited from his passionate leadership,” Mr. Sessions said. Alan West is a great leader and we will pray for him and see what exciting things God has in store for him.

Thank you for joining with us and standing with him. This questionable electoral process is not new but is a sign of things to come. Conservative Christians are going to be targeted by the left for political extinction. We must stand together and support our brothers and sisters. We must encourage a whole new generation of conservative Christian candidates to run.

Please continue to pray for our nation and it’s leaders that we would humble ourselves before the Lord and submit to His leadership above all.

  1. M A Steiner11-20-12

    Am sure Allen West will not roll over and play dead. The Republican Party already is, with a few notable exceptions. I wonder how many in FL-18 could have voted and didn’t even show up at the polls. This was a problem nationally – and how many evangelical Christians didn’t show up or vote for his Democratic opponent. When a nation abandon’s God’s righteousness, judgment follows.

  2. ramaus11-20-12

    …”we will pray for him and see what exciting things God has in store for him.”

    We already prayed for him and this is what God has in store for him. Our prayers have been answered. Amen

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