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Christian Congressman Denied Truth

15 Nov Posted by in News | 5 comments

In Florida, a congressional race has turned into an all out battle. Congressman Allen West is being denied a recount in a very close race, where the county’s elections boss clearly admitted errors. He’s being singled out as a Christian elected official. West is one of the true, courageous, evangelical Christians in Congress and was targeted by activist liberals to remove him from Congress.

In the General Election West was declared defeated with only a marginal loss in St. Lucie County. The liberals have done everything they can to deny West a fair recount in the highly contested county. In fact, the elections boss for the county, Gertrude Walker, is a Democrat who even admits that “mistakes were made” on election night. Still Walker refuses to allow the recount.

Florida is scheduled to certify the results on Tuesday, November 20th, unless a recount is begun.


Help us demand a recount in St. Lucie County.

Call Gertrude Walker at (772) 462-1500 and demand a full recount.

  1. ramaus11-15-12

    Let God take care of it. Easy.

    • David Ewald11-15-12

      God may be saying…. do all you can do to advance truth and justice. Mr. Allen should do all he can in the appeal process. Why should God do what he expects us to do?

  2. M A Steiner11-15-12

    As soon as the Church returns to its II Chronicles 7:14 Biblical roots and abandons Schullerism, Warrenism and other expressions of un-Biblical popular Christianity, we will begin to see a turnaround. Not before then: Isaiah 5:20, Galatians 6:7-8.

  3. Paul G11-15-12

    St. Lucie county had 141% of their registered voters cast a ballot in this election. Sounds definitely like ballot-box stuffing to me.

  4. Mary Howald11-15-12

    Allen West is Black. Patrick Murphy is white. Allen West lost in a close race, and they’re denying him a recount. Isn’t this an obvious case of racism?

    Oh, that’s right; Allen West is also a conservative, while Patrick Murphy is a liberal. We all know liberals can’t be racist.

    But just think of the brou-ha-ha if the political persuasions were reversed.

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