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Christ Mocked and Ridiculed

27 Nov Posted by in News | Comments

“Give honor to God and our Lord and Savior Barack Obama.” These are the words spoken by actor Jamie Foxx Sunday night at the 2012 Soul Train Awards on BET. On the Lord’s Day, Foxx utters what many Obama supporters claim to be true with their actions… that Barack Obama is the ultimate authority and can do no wrong. But according to Scripture this is utterly false. Paul writes “There is none righteous, no, not one.” (Romans 3:10)

Barack Obama has continually mocked and ridiculed the very teachings and values of Scripture. He’s used Scripture to condone behavior that is outright unbiblical. He denies the exclusivity of Christ and the need for Christ’s atoning blood. And now Obama’s followers tout him as their savior!

Not only that, but a gallery in Boston is exhibiting a portrait of Obama that is clearly mocking Christ. In the painting Obama has his arms outstretched and a crown of thorns is placed on his head. The painting is called “Truth”.

In the Lords Prayer, Jesus teaches us how to pray. Respecting God is the first prayer that we are commanded by our Lord to pray: “Hallowed be Thy name…” This behavior is not hallowing God, it is blasphemy.

While both of these men have their First Amendment right to publish and say these things, we too have a First Amendment right to protest it. Should we just stand by as other’s attack and mock our Lord? No. We must stand up for our faith and for the respect of Christ in America.


Contact the Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery and ask that they remove this insulting image.

  • Mary Fifiled, President
    • Call: 617-228-2400

Contact BET and demand that they apologize for Jamie Foxx’s blasphemy and ridicule of the Christian faith.

  • Tracy McGraw, Senior Vice President:
    • Email:
    • Call: (212) 205-3013

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