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Atheist Group Singles Out Christian Holidays

30 Nov Posted by in News | 12 comments

As we enter the Christmas season, atheist groups are lining up again to bash Christianity.

A group called American Atheists purchased a billboard in New Jersey that shows a silhouette of the Three Wise Men approaching the Nativity. Underneath is written, “You KNOW it’s a Myth. This Season, Celebrate REASON!”

It’s interesting that this same hostility isn’t displayed against Muslims during Ramadan or towards Jews during their Holy Days.

Apparently the American Atheists are ignorant of the fact that history proves Christ’s birth is not a myth. Jesus is not only the promised Messiah, God born of human flesh, he is the crucified and risen Savior of the World. Over three hundred fulfilled biblical prophecies, corroborated by non-Christian sources and eyewitness testimony are stubborn facts atheists simply pretend aren’t there.

Atheists seem to hold a deep-seated, irrational resentment against Christmas and the joyous message of salvation that it declares. They are apparently too proud to admit their sin and need of a Savior, so they flee to “REASON.” Yet, their atheistic reasoning is so inconsistent and depressing.

I have always wondered why atheists spend money on billboards to try to persuade others of their position if they really believe their own ideology. According to honest atheists, if there is no God logic dictates there is no truth, right or wrong, or meaning.

Yet some atheists are compelled to live as if what they think is true, and that their lives actually do matter. It looks to me like they didn’t read their Nietzsche very closely and can’t live according to “REASON” after all.

As a Christian I understand it’s impossible to make sense of this world and my life apart from God. Jesus Christ alone meets the deepest need of mankind- reconciliation to a Holy God.

Reason ultimately ends in hopelessness, meaninglessness and despair.

Atheists want us to replace “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” with “Have Yourself a Nihilistic Breakdown.” That doesn’t sound very attractive to me. I much prefer a living hope and the supernatural joy of Christ, thank you very much.


Help us respond to the pitiful attacks of American Atheists. Let’s send them a cheerful Christmas message and let them know we are praying for them.

Contact them online, click here.

  1. Mike T.11-30-10

    Wow… I went to the website to leave some constructive feedback, and even their ‘disclaimer’ was outright hostile.

    I don’t doubt that they’ve received hateful messages from the faith community, and that should never happen. As Christians, we should be making ourselves “known by our love”. But anyway, I left a respectful request asking them to be respectful with their ads, and left it at that.

  2. Jim Pixley11-30-10

    Merry CHRISTmas! This season, remember the REASON!!!!!

  3. Jerry D11-30-10

    We shouldn’t be surprised that someone foolish enough to hate and disbelieve in God would go to all lengths to make others “two-fold more a child of hell” than themselves. They particularly hate Biblical Christianity because Jesus Christ is the one & only way to eternal life.

  4. carolyn watson11-30-10

    To me, atheist are a testimony to Christianity as they have to name God before they can deny Him.
    They have just named what they deny.

  5. Way11-30-10

    I made a bumper sticker…

  6. Donovan11-30-10

    That is a great comment about having to name God before they can deny God! Also I would buy that bumper sticker for sure! 🙂 Jesus save me everyday and I feel peace even when confronted with hatred. We just need to keep living by example and praying for them! 🙂

  7. Jason12-01-10

    I am a follower of Christ, and the one thing that strikes me is that I can’t help but think that the institutionalized Christian church doesn’t itself deserve a little wrath from atheists. I don’t think atheists has a problem with God so much as they do with “us.” I worship God very much with my mind, more than my heart or soul, therefore it bothers me, and angers me when Christians act out on their own fears and hatred of non-Christians. If atheists want to challenge the existence of God, lets organize a civilized and publicized discussion about it. Other than that, I say we join the organization American Atheists in promoting the free exercise of religion for all people in this country. The great men of Christ who formed the foundation of this country respected and protected the rights of conscience for all people – we should recognize that the institutional church has not always done so.

  8. Morris12-01-10

    I continually marvel at just how angry, resentful and even downright hostile atheists will become toward people who are simply exercising their own free will and Constitutional rights to choose what they personally want to believe and follow, just as the atheists have done. If atheists sincerely believe that God, Heaven, Hell, eternity, etc. are all part of some impotent, superstitous myth, why do they care so much that some people might choose to believe in it, even total strangers they don’t even know? That they protest so vehemently tells it all, I think, meaning they actually know the truth, mad as everything at even the slightest reminder. Trying so desperately to hide from the truth, visible, vocal Christians must be real nasty thorns.

  9. Robert Woods12-01-10

    Stop attacking our christianity, leave our faith alone. they just aren’t happy because its an occasion to celebrate our lord.

    May the unconditional heart of our lord overcome them.

    My Lord Jesus christ Thank you.
    I Love you always.

  10. Dorothy12-05-10

    While in a Christian bookstore I noticed a mug that said, “Jesus is the Reason for the season!” I thought that it should read, “Jesus is the Reason for EVERY season!” And then I thought that an even better message is, “You and I are the reason for the season!” You and I are the reason He came. He came that ALL might be saved but it is up to us to choose… it is up to us to choose Life or death.

    • Grace01-03-11

      Amen Sister, we ARE The Reason Yeshua came That;s why we are not ashamed we are of the freemen , not the bondman. Allelujah! thank you from an Ambassidor of Christ, Grace….

  11. David Parker12-16-10

    For over 2000 years non-Christians have fought against Christianity. For over 2000 years they failed. Out God is greater than their hate. It’s troubling they haven’t still recognize that fact.

    I say in 2011 we should worship and pray more in public. Be nice when the atheist are rude. 2011 is the year of our Lord not their hate.

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