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A Response to the Death of Baby Munoz

27 Jan Posted by in News | 8 comments

On the week marking the 41 Anniversary of Roe v. Wade we see another example of just how demonic and twisted the pro-abortion argument is.

Marlise Munoz, a Texas paramedic, was recently found unconscious by her husband, Erick. Marlise was pregnant with their second child, but had lost oxygen to her brain and became brain dead. The incident may have also left the baby disabled.

Texas law prohibits a hospital from withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining treatment for a pregnant patient so the unborn baby could live. Still, Erick Munoz, Marlise’s husband, urged the hospital to remove her from life support.

While Marlise’s wishes were not in writing, Erick said that she had verbalized the desire to not have machines keep her organs and blood running. But, what about the baby and her organs and blood?

Last Friday a judge ignored the Texas law and ordered the removal of life support. On Sunday afternoon the life-support was removed from Marlise. She and her baby both died.

The death of baby Munoz is a tragic example of hard-hearted parental hatred, willful judicial blindness, political cowardliness by pro-life politicians, and silent consent by pastors. People were standing by to adopt and love this child, no matter how difficult it might have been, but the family, state and church considered this baby better off dead. Attorney General Abbot, Texas Governor Rick Perry, pro-life pastors, where are you when it counts?

Imperious judges are not God, nor can they conveniently take the blame as if all other legitimate authorities are not also responsible to uphold justice. Judges are not infallible and when they make illegal, murderous decrees they are not binding. Judges who ignore the law can and should be defied by the executive branch that is charged with enforcing justice.

When it comes down to checking the illegal decree of a judge, Texas officials lost their principle and their nerve and simply bowed down to a judge. This is the Jeb Bush and Terry Schiavo debacle all over again. What good are pro-life politicians if they don’t stop this kind of gross injustice?


Contact Attorney General Abbot, who is both pro-life and disabled, and running for governor. Demand to know why did he not defend Texas law and the life of another Texan who was potentially disabled?

  • – CALL: (800) 252-8011
  1. Victoria DeLacy01-27-14

    The Hippocratic Oath requires doctors to care for the pre-born child as a secondary patient whose life is just as valuable and worthy of protection as that of the mother. Real doctors don’t allow a patient to die when there is a way to protect that life. The state of Texas should have demanded compliance with the law in letting the baby grow until a reasonably healthy birthing time could have been reached, then given the baby to the couple waiting to adopt the child. It is a tragedy that was compounded by the decision made to in effect murder the innocent child. That was a needless crime against humanity.

    • Jeff Puha01-27-14

      The Hippocratic Oath? Did you know that the first words of the Hippocratic Oath are “I swear by Apollo”? And most “real doctors” are athiests; at the best not born-again Christians. Why do you think abortion is supported so heavily by the nedical peofession? It is the great sin of the evil world and God will judge the nations with righteous condemnation for it. As long as an unborn child is thought of as a “fetus”-a non-human lump of cells instead of a baby-there;s no hope.

  2. Jacque01-27-14

    Thank you for your comment Victoria. How you explained this clear up some questions I have.

  3. Troy Newman01-27-14

    Well said my friend. Well said

  4. Morris01-27-14

    I simply cannot and will never understand this husband and father, or any like him. Faced with the tragic loss of his young wife and the mother of his first child, he deliberately chooses the loss of a second child who is not only a part of himself, but a part of the woman he supposedly loved. His behavior makes no sense, leaving me to believe that this man did not genuinely care for his wife or the child she carried, a child who was also the older child’s sibling and the grandchild of both his and her parents, assuming as well that other relatives existed who would have gladly taken the baby. This does indeed bring the Terry Schiavo case to mind, never understanding why that husband was so intent on allowing his wife to thirst to death (a horrific death) when her parents begged for their daughter’s life and would have cared for her — except there was an INSURANCE PAY-OFF waiting. Perhaps the father of baby Munoz harbored a similar motive. My only consolation is in knowing that this child is now in Heaven with Jesus. I pray that the deceased mother was a born-again Christian who now lives in Heaven as well.

  5. Sid Bruyn01-28-14

    Oh yee born again christians, I am not sure if Odin would approve

  6. Owen G. Clayton01-29-14

    When God calls you, you go. God Himself “pulled the plug” on Marlise and her baby; she’d been already too long without oxygen when her husband found her. That Man should choose to interfere with God’s sovereign act, scientifically manifested, is deplorable. May the Lord have mercy on the departed Marlise and her baby, and on her miserable survivors. And if you, too, will learn to be merciful to them, so much the better.

  7. Intrinsic02-10-14

    The author of this article left out critical information:
    1) The fetus was not only non-viable, it was already brain-dead when life-support was ceased – and the mother’s brain death caused it to be malformed to such a degree that it would have required life-support for its entire life, and would have been in a permanent vegetative state IF it survived that long (which was highly unlikely).
    2) The decree was not illegal, as the law is specifically for living, viable fetuses.

    There is a difference between being pro-life, and simply being obsessed with unborn children. The fact that the author seems to have no compassion for the family shows a level of apathy & obsessive, borderline-fetishist that gives the pro-life movement its negative image in the eyes of others.

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