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Who’s from Mars: Bill Maher or You?

17 Mar Posted by in Commentary | 9 comments

Bill Maher does it again! He demonstrates why he is the attack-dog of the hard left. In one of the most blasphemous diatribes of recent memory, Maher offends the sensibilities of the billions of people who take the Scriptures seriously. Bill Maher was appalled by a recent poll that showed over 60% of Americans believe in the story of Noah. In response he said that God is a genocidal baby killer (watch the video below).

WARNING: Obscene and Offensive Language

Bill Maher is consistent in that he routinely displays his poisonous vitriol and his arrogant animus towards people of faith. For the Christian it’s a no-brainer. Either we side with Bill Maher or with Jesus Christ. Christ himself refers to the story of Noah as a historical fact. (Matthew 24:37)

People of faith perceive the story of Noah as an accurate and just account of God’s wrath against a rebellious creation. Yet, in the midst of judgment there is grace. God had every right to destroy every last human being, even as he had the right to kill Adam and Eve for the first act of treachery. But God, who is rich in mercy, preserved Noah and his family, and even the lower creatures, through the watery trial.

God preserved Noah so that through his progeny the promise made to Eve would be fulfilled: that her seed, Jesus Christ, would crush the head of Satan. Though it looked as if Satan had won, and all mankind was virtually wiped out, God sparred a guilty human race. The story of redemption was alive and it came to full fruition in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. Noah’s story teaches us a few things: man is guilty, God is holy and yet He is merciful. This accurate view of reality offends the Bill Maher’s of this world.

When confronted with the story of Noah, people of faith can either agree with Christ or assume that they know better. If Jesus Christ is who he said he was (and he is) then, as the Son of God and God the Son, his assertions carry the day.

Bill Maher has a worldview that cannot account for the existence of God, much less God’s intervention in history. Based upon Maher’s unbelieving assumptions, his opinions make sense. But the Scriptures call a person with these types of assumptions a fool.

It’s ironic that Maher accuses God, who Maher does not believe in, of violating his moral standard. But because he does not believe in God, Maher has no basis for morality. Apparently Maher does not see the utter futility of his feigned moral outrage.

Ever the showman, Maher just likes to shock people no matter how irrational he sounds. So the far left will grant Maher the applause of fools while he heaps up for himself judgment and condemnation before Almighty God. In the end, God judges Bill Maher, not vise-versa. Laugh all you want, but rest assured God will not be mocked.

  1. Morris03-18-14

    A man to be pitied and his own worst enemy. The FOOL has said in his heart that there is no God. And while God loves Bill Maher and is mercy itself, I fear what Maher’s truly blasphemous remarks will bring to him.

  2. Dances With Fascists03-18-14

    Maher at his best, as usual! I wonder if the preacher nutjob running this website for gullibles even listened to what Bill had to say? If any of the bare obvious truth was even heard by him? Because his only response is a tired rehashing of the crazy illogic of “God’s mercy” etc. despite the fact that God could only be a psychopathic mass murderer if current interpretations of the bible were accurate, as Bill Maher points out! THAT’s who we should all worship, the biggest serial killer in history? The false God of contemporary Christianity would only be worthy of being spat upon if he existed with the history he’s claimed to have! Why don’t you nutjobs ever get that? You are going to live your whole lives in the cruel delusion that you’ll be ‘saved’ in the end, just for BELIEVING? Don’t you see that a decent God, a just God, a loving God, a compassionate God could never also be a mass murderer, and that your theology is poisoning your mind to think that way? Bill Maher is spot on and you are willfully crazy, what they like to call Bat Shit Crazy, for choosing to believe in the nonsense that you do.

  3. Tim W03-18-14

    How do you answer an assertion that the Noah flood story is a plagiarism of the Baylonian “Gilgamesh” epic or another local flood story?

    Was “the world” the “whole world” or the “known world” by the authors?

    How was the Earth able to be repopulated within a century for enough people to build the Giza Pyramids?

    Why is there no evidence of a global flood just one century before the construction of the Giza pyramids?

  4. Kevin Francisco03-18-14

    Bill Maher has expressed his opinion about God and the Flood, but this issue has more than two sides. Please take time to read:

    “Did God Drown All The Children In The World With A Killer Flood? Or Did Satan?” By Richard K. Murray

    Did God intentionally drown millions of children, women and men in Noah’s day? No! Not then, not now, not ever. Then why does the Old Testament appear to say that He did?

    Simply put, the Old Testament was written from a perspective which saw Satan as an obedient angel of God with a tough job, but who ultimately was just following the Lord’s orders. Jesus, in contrast, revealed in His teachings and tone that Satan was violently OPPOSED to His Father’s will RATHER than humbly submitted to it. Read most any Jewish religious reference material on Satan, and you will see they believe that Satan was the death angel who smote all the Egyptian firstborn, supposedly at the Lord’s command.

    And not just the Egyptians. Jews STILL believe that Satan is the grim reaper who ultimately kills all men at God’s sole command. The book of Job shows Satan kills with sickness (“boils”), with nature (“a great wind”), with other violent men (“Sabeans with swords”), and with supernatural power (“fire from heaven”). Satan is a master assassin who kills a million different ways, but always, the Jews believe, at the express command of God.

    Look at it this way. If Satan was indeed, as the Jews believed, the Death Angel (the grim reaper in other words), then he HAD to be the force behind the flood– it’s that simple. The question now just becomes whether Satan was acting with or without God’s approval.

    As THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JEWISH CONCEPTS by Philip Birnbaum says, “Satan…is…identified with the ANGEL OF DEATH. He leads astray, then he brings accusations against man, whom he slays eventually. His chief functions are those of temptation, accusation and punishment. Under the control of God, he acts solely with the divine permission to carry out his plots.” (Sanhedrin Press, page 594). Rabbi Benjamin Blech similarly writes, “Judaism sees Satan as a servant of God whose function is to set up choices between good and evil so that we can exercise our free will…. [His] apparent harshness is merely camouflage for divine concern and love.” IF GOD IS SO GOOD, WHY IS THE WORLD SO BAD? Simcha Press, pages 7-9.

    So, the culprit in the worldwide flood is, according to Jewish thought, Satan. And they are RIGHT about THAT—– Satan’s fingerprints are the ONLY ones found on the Genesis flood. But what the Jews, both ancient and modern, are WRONG about is their belief that Satan is an obedient angel merely doing what God expressly tells him to do.

    In the New Testament, we get a significantly different picture. While Hebrews 2:14-15 confirms that Satan, as “the devil,” does indeed have “the power of death,” Jesus’ purpose in bearing the cross was to “deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.” Put even more bluntly in this passage, Jesus ascended the cross in order to “destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil.”

    Jesus came to destroy the works of the destroyer. 1 John 3:8. But Jesus destroyed them not with His “alleged” counter-wrath, but with His sacrificial love. Jesus came to reveal that all forms of “death” and “violence” were enemies of God and never a part of His divine nature. 1 Corinthians 15:25-28 defines the dynamic of “death” as an “enemy” of God to be “put under His feet” until it’s “destroyed.”

    So, if the Old Testament saints were confused and not able to differentiate the purposes of Satan and God, as has been argued above and in the earlier note THE FORGOTTEN KEY TO THE OLD TESTAMENT, what does this imply about their ability to distinguish between the voices of God and the devil? Well, it allows for the absolute mother of all mistaken identities— confusing the voices of God and Satan— or, just as tragic, mistakenly combining their TWO voices into ONE bipolar voice.

    Like a high static radio, which sometimes receives two different signals at once, the Old Testament saints were hearing from both Yahweh and Satan, sometimes alternatively, and sometimes simultaneously. Without the indwelling Holy Spirit, they could not distinguish between both voices, again just like a radio receiving two different stations although the dial is only on one setting. The Old Testament saints assumed both voices were from God, that both WERE God.

    But, Jesus came to correct all misunderstandings about His Father. We have the anointing BECAUSE of Jesus to go back and properly divide Scripture, just like He did in Matthew 5:38-48. Jesus came to reveal His Father’s light and Satan’s darkness, something the Old Testament saints were clueless about. John 1:18.

    So, in regard to the flood, what role did Satan play and what role did God play? Satan did the killing– all of it. Why do we know this? Hebrews 2:14-15 says Satan has “the power of death,” not God. God is not a killer– period. He could not have sent the flood because the New Testament says He doesn’t kill. But, Satan sure does. And I’m sure we agree that Satan was not off somewhere twiddling his thumbs in the Old Testament while God was wiping out the whole earth’s population save one family. If God is the killer of evil men, who needs Satan? Jesus called Satan the “murderer from the beginning,” not His heavenly Father.

    Yet, what exact role did God play in the process?

    I believe the event transpired as follows: Men continually sowed wickedness in the earth until their thoughts and imaginations were purely evil (Gen. 6:5). God foreknew their expanding unbelief and that Satan would have greater and greater access to afflict and destroy all evil men in 120 years. This was because they were continually quenching and “pressuring away” the Lord’s protective Spirit by increasingly giving their hearts over to the devil (Gen. 6:3). God warned His righteous Noah to build a protective Ark for Noah and his family to avoid the Satanic wrath to come. (Gen. 6:8-22). Satan continued to “accuse” God that He should repent of ever making mankind and that they had to be wiped out (Gen. 6:6-7). God responded that His righteous Noah would not fail and that his righteous seed would be preserved (Gen. 6:8). Satan released his killer flood and the wicked perished (Gen. 7:10-24). God’s protective spirit contracted down to the size of Noah’s ark and brought them through the flood and blessed Noah and his sons and said unto them, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth.” (Gen. 9:1).

    I freely admit to excavating, renovating and elevating Moses’s version of the flood to comply with the New Testament understanding of God’s role in the world. This is the only reading that keeps God from being clearly guilty of death, disaster and destruction. I don’t believe the New Testament teaches that God directly causes natural disasters. Such events are caused by Satan through access given him by men’s sinful sowing. God’s protective Spirit is eventually quenched away by the unbelief of men. God’s protective hedge constricts and a constricts and constricts until the freewill of the men involved finally gets their way in turning themselves over to Satan’s wrath. Then God is forced to withdraw and Satan is allowed space to execute his wrath through the curses of the law, a Satanic wrath which Revelation 12:12 says is “great upon the earth.”

    Some may say that 2 Peter 2:4-10 suggests that the New Testament confirms that God brought the flood of Noah on the world of the ungodly. However, in consulting two different interlinear Bibles, one by Paul McReynolds and the other by Jay P. Green, the passage is found to literally say that “the flood the world of irreverent ones having brought on.” In other words, this passage says that the flood was brought on by the sowing of wicked men. Men continually sowed the sin, thereby progressively quenching away and constricting down God’s protective Spirit over the next one hundred and twenty years. Satan ultimately brought the full harvest of destruction, but God continued to protect righteous Noah.

    Whenever the Old Testament literally, “by the dead letter” in other words, contradicts the New Testament image of God revealed by Jesus Christ, we are compelled and authorized to excavate, renovate and elevate its meaning to align with New Covenant truth. Jesus repeatedly did this exact thing, not only in Matthew 5, the sermon on the mount, but also in such passages as Luke 4:18-20, where Jesus edits the phrase “to declare the vengeance of our God” out of the Isaiah 61:1-2 passage He was quoting to declare the purpose of His ministry. He purged the wrath out of the passage in other words.

    Our challenge is to stop reading the Bible just by context, and instead read it by Holy Spirit subtext. I believe 2 Corinthians 3 commissions us to do this very thing.

    “And we have such trust through Christ toward God. Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything as being from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God, who also made us ABLE MINISTERS of the new covenant, NOT ‘of’ the LETTER but ‘of’ the Spirit; for THE LETTER KILLS, but THE SPIRIT GIVES LIFE.” 2 Corinthians 3:4-6.

    Satan is a LIFE-TAKER, not a LIFE-GIVER. God is a LIFE-GIVER, not a LIFE-TAKER! John 10:10. The only thing God floods us with is His love and power.

    • michael3ov04-02-14

      1 Samuel 15:3
      Psalms 137:9
      Numbers 31:17
      2 Kings 15:16

      Only a few of the passages where your god orders the slaughter of infants as well as the unborn. One, if I remember correctly, is simply praise for god doing these things. The fictional god of the bible is a genocidal, racist, brutal tyrant. How are you going to rationalize that?

      Even if what you say were true, is your god not omnipotent? Are you saying that satan out powered your almighty god? Even if satan was responsible for the ridiculous and impossible global flood your god sat by and watched it happen.

  5. Christopher Taylor03-19-14

    Hello. My name is Christopher Taylor and I am an Atheist. Bill Maher obviously doesn’t word his opinions on his show in a way that is intended to convert. Talking down to believers is not a way to convert them (nor is it a way to convert non-believers). Although I somewhat agree with what he is mentioning about the character of the god of the bible, a typical Christian won’t worry about the substance of his argument due to the way he presented it. But the author of this article saying things like people who don’t believe in god have no basis for morality can be interpreted in the very same way (dismissive and condescending) as what Maher is saying. Besides the expletives, I’m not sure I can distinguish much difference between the two.

  6. Yep03-19-14

    It’s just religion cannot be believed by a thinking person. People who believe in it are just mad.

  7. Larry03-20-14

    Show Mr. Maher the love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness that you yourself want, when you make mistakes or do something God says to not do.

  8. Dances With Fascists03-21-14

    You know, it’s a little funny how you carefully CENSOR any criticisms of your nutbagness, although it does make a little sense because you probably get 10X the number of criticisms than you get favorable responses! If you were HONEST you’d respect the American tradition of Free Speech, but all you really care about is advancing your infantile religion ABOUT Jesus, isn’t it? And if you have to create the impression that nobody disagrees with you, what’s wrong with that, right? DO YOU SERIOUSLY IMAGINE THAT’S HOW JESUS DEALT WITH THE REALITIES OF HIS TIME?

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