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Top 10 Anti-Christian Acts of 2012

02 Jan Posted by in Commentary | 3 comments

Defend Christians.Org solicited the members of their online community to vote for their choice of the top ten anti-Christian acts of 2012 in the U.S.

“The trends that our top ten list reveals are very disturbing. No one can deny the all-out attempt to restrict our Christian liberties and censor our Christian values,” said Dr. Gary Cass from “There does not appear to be any sign that this struggle is waning, rather it seems to be intensifying. We will be here to fight for our Christian faith and values.”

These results do not necessarily represent the views or priorities of They are a measure of the opinions of a cross-section of subscribers who responded to our online poll.

The Top Ten Anti-Christian Events in 2012 are:

10. Target took a controversial and anti-family stand when it decided to support homosexual activist groups with the proceeds from a collection of “gay pride” T-shirts sold by Target. They decided to do so even after voters throughout the country, including just recently in North Carolina, have taken a stand against homosexual marriage. But, instead of allowing its customers to voice concerns, Target has decided to block emails.
9. The “chief diversity officer” of Gallaudet University, Dr. Angela McCaskill, was placed on paid leave and faced punishment and the possibility of loosing her job simply for signing a bill that asks for the issue to be put up for a vote so Maryland citizens can decide whether to accept or reject the redefinition of marriage.
8. A group of peaceful demonstrators were recently assaulted in Little Rock, Arkansas during a rally against Obama-care and it’s abortion mandate. Thankfully this was all caught on camera, along with the man’s license plate number. But the police were slow to act, and seemingly had no interest in finding the aggressor
7. At the Minneapolis Pride Festival, a Christian evangelist was pushed into a “free speech” corner by local officials. Organizers from the parade asked the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to make a “free speech zone” far away from the festival for people who disagree with homosexuality. The Board agreed, and now all opposition to the sin-fest are exiled.
6. A Florida high school teacher was exposed after they invited a terrorist sympathizer to give pro- Islamic lectures in her classroom over the last three years. The speaker, Hassan Shibly, is on record standing up for the terrorist organization Hezbollah and defended a radical Imam who was killed after shooting at members of the FBI.
5. Over the summer a study came out of the University of Texas, Austin that showed that children of homosexual parents were worse off financially, mentally, and relationship-wise than those with married heterosexual parents. There is a difference between children of married, heterosexual parents and same-sex parents. But the Professor who led the study was placed under an investigation by the University after homosexuals became enraged over the results.
4.Radical homosexual activist, Dan Savage, made crude insults towards Christian students during a journalism conference for high school students. Savage is famous for producing an anti-bullying campaign that encouraged young people to come out as homosexuals. At the conference Savage engaged in a anti-Christian, Bible-bashing diatribe, hurling insults at the Christian students.
3. In Hawaii, a new law can now force churches to make their property available to homosexuals for civil union ceremonies. While the law does protect pastors from having to perform the ceremonies, it does not provide protection for church property. Now, if a church refuses to allow the ceremonies on their property they could be subject to sanctions or fines
2. California legislature voted to stop Christian counselors from providing help for children struggling with same-sex attraction. Now, counselors are unable to even suggest that it’s possible to overcome same-sex attractions.
1. President Obama endorsed homosexual “marriage,” invoking Christ to try to justify his anti-Christ position. In his announcement, Obama said “…when [I] think about our faith, the thing at root that we think about is, not only Christ sacrificing himself on our behalf, but it’s also the Golden Rule, you know, treat others the way you would want to be treated.”

  1. Z03-28-13

    Wow, sad. If you’re going to live in a fantasy world, why not at least live in a happy one?

  2. Rob04-21-13

    If the top 10 worst things that happened to Christians can be summed up as “other people support homosexuality and abortion but we don’t”, I think Christianity is faring quite a bit better than the other major religions. The “article” just makes you all look like vindictive homophobes. Not exactly the message of Jesus…

  3. OBAMIE WAMMIE12-08-13

    Talk about discrimination against churches in Hawaii. Unbelievable… The government taking over the rights of a church and forcing them to open their doors to allow gay marriage to take place on their property. Only in Obamies state. I hope that gets challenged. I would like to see someont to try that in a Mosque… WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO FREEDOM OF RELIGION AND SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE ???

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