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The Mormon Elephant in the Room

19 Jan Posted by in Commentary | 26 comments
Mitt Romney Holds Town Hall Meeting

There’s been a renewed spike in the struggle for biblical orthodoxy. Mega church Pastor Joel Osteen said Mormon Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, is a believer in Christ just like him.

But Mormonism has always been at odds with Christianity and openly denies the Trinity and the gospel of grace.

As a Bishop in the Mormon Church, Romney is free to believe its strange doctrines, practice their Masonic rituals, even wear their sacred underwear, but Romney’s Mormon beliefs are not Christian.

Historically Mormons have hated and insulted Christians beginning with its founder, the polygamous Joseph Smith who said he wanted to be the Mohammed of the Americas.

Romney hopes Christians fall for the lie they believe the same things we do.

Mitt Romney, Presidential candidate and Mormon Bishop, in his 2007 speech regarding his Mormon faith sounded conciliatory towards other faiths. But his position is not consistent with the Mormon beliefs he adamantly affirmed in whole and from which he refused to distance himself. The Mormon faith has, from its inception, attacked all other religions, especially orthodox Christianity.

Romney’s Mormon beliefs are not Christian. Mormonism’s antipathy toward Christianity should not be so quickly forgotten. This is an important aspect of any evaluation the American voters make regarding his fitness for office.

If Romney wants the Christian vote, more than the Mormon dollars supporting his campaign, he must demonstrate real respect, not rhetoric. If he does not renounce the historic Mormon hostility to Christianity, then we must conclude that he agrees with his church’s defamation of the past.

Consider the following beliefs of past Mormon leaders:

  • Joseph Smith (1st LDS President: 1830-1844) taught all non-Mormon churches are wrong, and that their creeds are an “abomination” and that Mormons are the only true church.
  • Brigham Young (2nd LDS President; 1847-1877) taught the Christian world is “groveling in darkness and are heathens.”
  • John Taylor (3rd LDS President; 1880-1887) taught Christians are as spiritually ignorant as the brute beast.
  • Joseph Fielding Smith (10th LDS President; 1970-1972) affirmatively quotes Joseph Smith that all the “Christian” churches were in error.
  • Spencer W. Kimball (12th LDS President: 1973–1985) taught Mormonism is the only true church
  • Bruce McConkie (Mormon Apostle; 1915-1985) declared the “church of the devil is modern, apostate Christianity in all its parts” and only faithful Mormons are true Christians.
  • Gordon B. Hinckley, (LDS 15th President; 1995-2008) continued the deceitful practice of redefining Christian to mean the faithful Mormon and then declares Mormons are Christian.
  1. jb wilson01-19-12

    this article hits morman’s in the heart of their belief.. they are not christians and their attitude toward other christians is terrible.. Mormonism is a cult..

  2. SharonG01-19-12

    The Mormon rhetoric sounds very similar to the Catholic’s. A lot of Christians overlook the false doctrine of Catholics because some of them are pro-life. Many Catholics are pro-life so that their numbers will increase and feel their pro-life work will earn them salvation.

  3. Bud Crawford01-19-12

    Yes, Mormon faith and any Christian movement that makes a claim to be the only true church on the planet is false! ALL who believe on Jesus CHrist and only him to be the true savior of mankind are accepted by HIM wether they be alone on a mountaintop or in the middle of nowwhere, They are His! Depicted as the salt of the earth,(everywhere!)
    But their doctrine are also important and those of Jesus CHist! What are they? Do the homework!
    Mark 13:21 And then if any man shall say to you, Lo, here is Christ; or, lo, he is there; believe him not:

    • Robert Smith01-19-12

      I have no idea what Mr. Crawford is saying, I am a Mormon and I understand what is in the document ask Mitt, and are at oddes with my church over these issues, but Christian Churches practice this sort of “Dogma’ to try and hold on to their members. Jesus Christ suffered in the Graden for all humans and without question all are forgiven. This had to be because “GOD” wanted man to learn and he therefore introduced “Evil” into their reality for learning purpose. He never in his plan made everything clear, if he had then there would not have been anything to learn. Learning is accepting the unknown and finding the answer. Mormons are Christians, because they believe in Christ, maybe not the way others do but then if there was a consesus on the subject we would all be in “Nervana”. Wake up and smell the roses, this ia a learning trip, try to think outside the box and allow everyone to do the same. Look at “Isiah” 45.5-7 and use your head. ‘Light” in the biblical sense is “Knowledge”, while “Darkness” is “Ignorance”. at birth we are all equally ignorant and it is all learning after that. There are exceptions that depends on the needs of the particular spirit (Spirit That is us) Good luck in your personal search. Robert

      • Glenn01-19-12

        Robert my friend, I’m so sorry you have been taught wrongly. The Christ of Christianity is not the brother of Satan, he is a member of the Trinity coexisting from eternity with God the Father, and God the Holy Spirit. Evil wasn’t invented by God to teach us! Evil is disobediance. Having accepted his free gift of salvation and being covered by his blood, I am forgiven and GUAranteed MY PLACE IN hEAVEN WITH HIM, NOT AS A GOD ON A PLANET WITH A SPIRIT wife, having spirit babies. Repent my friend, and turn from your paganism. Joseph Smith lied about so many things, isnt it obvious his way is the path of destruction? Your Book of Abraham was claimed by Smith to be simething it was not, a blatant lie by your churches founder. In Biblical times that lie would have branded him a false prophet and he would have paid with his life. Anyone ignoring this and still believing in this man is sadly deluded. A liar is no holy man. Even Brigham Young caused a brutal massacre among other things. Anyway, please repent. We would welcome your conversion! In Christ’s Love. Glenn

        • James01-24-12

          Nonsense. You are ignorant. Study the scriptures and pray for guidance.

  4. Artr01-19-12

    Watched a great show last week (which will continue this week) 3 part series on the John Ankerburg show
    Speaking with three Mormans all of previous high standing.
    One is the great great grand-daughter of Brigham Young!!!
    You gotta see this; ‘All Morman men have the chance to become gods’ themselves, through works’… If they attain this they get their own planet and wives so as to populate said planet.
    NO KIDDING….Sounds like satan himself, sounds simular to some islamic beliefs…. go to JAshow,org and learn the other aspects, shocking

  5. Len01-19-12

    While Osteen maybe considered to be a “religious leader,” he certainly preaches a false gospel, as does the Mormon church. It’s no surprise that Osteen would say something like this.

    • Mark Marcley01-19-12

      Peter stole my thunder: You cannot add or take from the Bible (Revelation 18-19). Jehova’s Witnesses do it and many others, including so called Christians select what they believe to be true or to follow. Fact is we all fall short, but the Word of God is inerrant!

      Something i have not looked up myself, but trust the late D. James Kenedy as saying when talking about Mormonism. Apparently in order for Joseph Smith to have been a priest or prophet, he would have had to have been from the line of Levi. Again, according to Dr. Kenedy, that is not so. I also think we have to be careful to show Mormons and others the love of Christ and to carefully show them the truth.

      God bless,


      • Joe01-21-12

        I chose your statement to reply to for a reason. You showed how we can err in our following.I understand why people call The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,Mormons because of the Book of Mormon. However,I find they worship the Savior,Jesus Christ not the prophet and historian,Mormon.They don’t worship the prophets in any form,but thank God for them.I find it strange that people calling themselves Christians after Christ acting like Pharisees towards Christ.We are warned to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees.To which I will call you all as such, Pharisees.Ponder this and study your deeds then tell me where you stand.

  6. Peter Ramsey01-19-12

    If Joseph Smith believed he was the “Mohammed” of the Americas we see the same old problem – few people takes Islamic Jihad seriously!
    I highly recommend “The Islamic Antichrist” by Joel Richardson (WND Press).
    Mohammed was a false prophet, and so was Joseph Smith.
    You cannot add or take from the Bible (Revelation 18-19).

    • Joe01-21-12

      You don’t know the Bible well enough to quote that scripture.If yo had read the Book of Revelations John explained it in the beginning and sealed it in the end.If that scripture holds true for the entire Bible then where does the same in Deuteronomy fall in? That would mean everything beyond that point is a violation of the same law.Don’t speak without Knowledge or wisdom.This is a message for all of us.

  7. Bill01-19-12

    It is *amazing* how many evangelical “leaders” are falling for the “Mormons are Christians” lie! Jesus and Lucifer as brothers who quarreled over who would get to be the savior? God as a polygamist? Romney as a wannabe god? Yet these guys are falling all over themselves to support Romney because of their “anybody but Obama” mindset. We, as Christians, are called to do the RIGHT thing, not support the lesser of two evils! In fact, Romney might not qualify as the “lesser” in a match against Obama.

  8. Kris01-19-12

    Watch the John Ankerberg show or go to his site, last week he started a series about Mormonism and had ex Mormons on explaining the doctrine which sounds more like a doctrine of satan in the fact that Mormons believe they can earn their way into being a god themselves. They believe that God and Jesus are separate and each earned their way into being a god. Joel Osteen is a false teacher, if you watch him you will see he almost never quotes scripture, it is like watching a self-help seminar and the sad thing is the people attending his church, not really knowing who the one true God is, as a result of his lack of using God’s word. He is no Christian either in my opinion. I watched Osteen on Oprah’s new show last week and she asked him if being gay is a sin and it took forever for him to finally answer that it is, she also asked if there are many paths to Heaven and he said the right thing, only through Jesus, but THEN he added, that he believes there are many paths to Jesus! I was like what???? I then immediately prayed to Jesus to either open his eyes or expose him and bring his church down. WE are definitely in the last days and may be in the very end of the last days, Jesus could come at any moment for His church.

    • Joe01-21-12

      Kris I have a question for you.Where is Christ’s Church? Amos said,”Surely the Lord will do nothing,save he reveal it to his servants the prophets.”He even had John go forth to prepare the way of the Lord.We are many people under many doctrines,hence many ways unto Christ.However,in Christ there is ONLY ONE(1)True Doctrine.In this world of many doctrines and churches,Which is His? If you truly believe Christ and not doubt in the least degree. ASK HIM TO SHOW YOU HIS TRUE CHURCH.This is my challenge to everyone that reads this reply.Do you have the faith to take this challenge?

  9. Don Bergman01-19-12

    Mormons are a 16-million worldwide cult that say they believe & practice Jesus’ principles but do not believe in the Trinity among other things. They have 4-bibles: The Book of Mormon; The Pearl of Great Price; Mormon Doctrine and The Holy Bible that true born-again Christians read and only go by. To Mormons they emphasize and live by each book in that order— the Bible being very last and hardly read. They do believe that Jesus is the brother of Satan… They believe that Joseph Smith met Jesus and Micheal The Archangle in the woods and they gave him the Book of Mormon. They also believe in baptism of the dead and, I’m told, believe in spiritual elevation practiced in their temples. Also, remember they were big into poligamy when they first came over here from Europe of which a number of off-shoots still practice. The Mormon faith is definitely a cult and I won’t vote for Romney because of this.

    • Joe01-21-12

      Don, you don’t know what you are talking about concerning The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.Let me correct you in order of your accusations.There is ONLY One(1) Holy Bible and it is FIRST in the Standard Works of the Church.Yes there is 4 book in there as you have named them correctly. Lucifer is one of the Sons of God.Read Job and get back to me on that.Seeing Jesus and Michael in the woods,Not. It was God the Father and Jesus Christ,Yes!Baptism for the Dead,you haven’t studied the teaching of Paul in the Bible.We shouldn’t trifle with sacred things. Spiritual evolution is to gain Spiritual Knowledge.You remain in ignorance without knowledge and wisdom.Plural marriage is part of the origin doctrine before Israel was taken into captivity by Egypt and practiced by David and Solomon.The Church was founded in NY State not in Europe on 6th April 1830.You spoke without knowledge or wisdom.

  10. Mark Steiner01-19-12

    One wonders: who is more dangerous, Mitt Romney or Joel Osteen?

    What did the Bible say about these days: II Timothy 4:1-3?

    Didn’t 30% of so-called evangelicals vote for Barack Obama in 2008 (that margin led to his victory)?

    Where is the discernment in the Church these days? Do pastors even know the meaning or application of Biblical discernment?

    Lead on, sweet dreamers …

  11. Morris01-20-12

    Due to the influence of my Christian mother, my father was delivered from the evil tentacles of the Mormon cult that wrapped his life as a child, truly receiving Jesus as Lord as a man. The blasphemous ‘Book of Mormon’ rivals the Quran as a source of ridiculously convoluted lies, myths and fantasies. A choice between Romney and Obama is like no choice at all, as someone already stated.

  12. Joe01-21-12

    Who gave you all the Authority to say who is or isn’t Christian? Indeed, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints must be doing something right. They have been drawing heat from every know church in the world especially so-called Bible based churches, since Joseph Smith,Jr. declared seeing God the Father and the Savior,Jesus Christ.Are you all saying this could not happen?If so,you need to examine yourself. You have put limits on God’s abilities.Just think you are acting like the Jews in the days of Christ. They accused him of blasphemy, teaching a false doctrine, not observing the Law of Moses.Here are questions for you ponder about.What if The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is teaching the True Doctrine of Christ according to Christ’s personal instructions and you all have cursed them?Then the day come and He reminds you of your deeds.You proclaim all your labors for him and He say,”You never knew me.”Where will you stand?

  13. Les01-23-12

    An excellent source for critical evaluation of Mormonism is “Alpha and Omega Ministries”. Link to their articles on Mormonism at .

  14. Brian01-26-12

    Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and John Adams also denied the trinity and ‘grace’. Maybe you should move?

    • michaelle03-29-12

      Where are your sources that they denied the trinity-just curious only not interested in debating.

  15. michaelle03-29-12

    Mormons are an occult. Some mormons don’t know this.

    Mormos in the satanic bible means god of the dead; the followers are called mormons.

  16. michaelle03-29-12

    The bible gives us the authority to discern false prophets. And what is the mormon authority for denying this scripture?
    2Co 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

    If you guys want to be christians, the bible trumps that mormon book. Othwerwise your no more christian than a hindu. At least take Christs name off your religion instead of always misrepresenting christians.

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