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Surprising Presidential Poll Results from DefendChristians.Org

06 Jul Posted by in Commentary | 41 comments
Computer keyboard with two gesturing hands is working to identify who conservative Christians think is the best, true Christian candidate to become the newest Republican Presidential challenger.

A true Christian candidate is one who professes faith in Jesus Christ and upholds biblical doctrines and morality, especially regarding traditional marriage and the sanctity of life.

“While this poll is not scientific, and does not constitute an endorsement, it does reflect the passion among those who are engaged from a Christian conservative grassroots perspective,” commented Dr. Gary Cass, Chairman and CEO of

Recent polls have all indicated various frontrunners, including Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. But surprisingly, there was a different winner in’s online poll.

The results of’s poll has Sarah Palin in third position with 5%, Michelle Bachmann was the runner up, with 16%, and in a last minute surprise, Congressman Ron Paul surged ahead and received the most support in the poll, 57%.

  1. Bill Gillingham07-06-11

    I appreciate your perspective of online polls… they aren’t scientific – and if your candidate didn’t win – get involved. Yes – Ron Paul supporters do hit these polls – not because we are up to no good – because we are heavily engaged!

    That being said, I really believe Paul is the most Christian candidate!

    He follows the Christian Just War Theory

    He rarely criticizes people by name – and goes out of his way to blame ‘the system’ rather than the person.

    He constantly preaches peace over violence.

    Though he may find homosexuality abhorrent, he does not believe it is the State’s job to moralize (unless someone infringes the rights of another). Jesus didn’t ‘call the cops’ on prostitutes and ‘sinners’.

    The list goes on – he is truly a gentleman.

    • Dottie09-21-11

      I have to say I was leaning toward Paul until this week. When I found out Paul said he might would put a Muslium in his Cabinet, and he is NOT tough on Immigration. He said also that he is possibly wanting a democrat as his running mate?

      What’s going on here?

      Jesus Saves!!!

      • Nancy09-28-11

        Dottie, he was kidding about Kucinich. The only thing they agree on is ending the wars. Beyond that, they are polar opposites. Also, Paul IS very strong against illegal immigration. He says no to amnesty, no to birthright citizenship, and no to all the handouts to illegal aliens. Furthermore, he wants our respective state National Guard brought home from overseas and used to defend our OWN border. No, he doesn’t believe in building a fence, because it is not feasible; nor is it in keeping with a free society. What he wants to do is to get at the root of what is drawing illegals here and stop those things. Don’t be led astray by the other candidates saying they would build a fence. How many times have we been told that before, to have them do absolutely nothing. They are just telling you what you think you want to hear. Ron Paul is telling us what will address the problem and his voting record proves that he does what he says he will do. 🙂

    • Vitaliy01-05-12

      I would have to disagree. Rick Santorum and then Rick Perry are inline for most christian. And my reasons for why Ron Paul is not is because;

      1. He despises Israel and believes the Jews are behind terrorist plots. In essence, he’s an anti-Semite.

      2. He would NOT FIGHT FOR TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE. With his isolationist stance, he believes it should be left to the state. He would not defend and support federal amendments for us Christians.

      3. For him abortion is the same. Though he might not believe it is right, he is not against it being a norm.

    • Nellie CA07-16-12

      I like Ron Paul and think he would be great president. What I am concerned with is splitting the votes and Obama gets back in. That is what happened in CA with Brown. The Independence voted for their candidate and knowing she wouldn’t make it, it split the votes. I am going with Romney, pray he is going to get this country back on track.
      Obama has sent jobs to every country he has visited. GM jobs went to China. snoopes GM offshore outsourcing U.S. jobs. Why is the Unions allowing these jobs to go to China.
      I am also concerned about how much money China has in Mexico and how much influence they have with this new president. Now the Mexican president is going after our second amendment. Take the guns away from the American people. I live close to the borders and Obama is not telling the truth about the crime and destruction of the illegals. It is not safe to have the alarm off during the day. Not safe to drive at night. The illegals are not all from Mexico, they are from South American countries, Middle East, Cuba, China. Our trade with Mexico is out of balance, is this because of China? The Mexican produce is causing problems with our farmers and putting them out of business. My neighbor sold his grape ranch as he couldn’t compete with the Mexicans. When foreign countries take over the flow of produce and our farmers are out of business, also our government is after the farmers, even the Amish for selling raw milk and produce that is not inspected by the gov. The produce that comes from Mexico is not regulated by our government. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY. i JUST DON’T WANT MY GRAND CHILDREN TO SUFFER LIKE THE GERMAN PEOPLE DID UNDER HITLER.

      • Harold10-22-13

        Hi, Nellie. Israel is not the problem in the middle east. The hateful Muslims are. If you follow their wars since 700 A.D. until today you will see.

  2. Jay Murphy07-06-11

    My favorite candidate and the one I think best represents Christian values is Ron Paul. I have listened a couple times to his talk from Pella Iowa on how Israel asked for a king and how depending upon the federal government to legislate morality is a bit like that. As America goes broke with military and secret operations going on across the globe, Christians interests are not being protected. Growing government does not usually go well for the faithful. It might sound appealing to have the Federal government approve or not approve marriages but I would be concerned that power could be turned against Christians as I see more of Christians arrested for sharing their faith and less of the Federal government protecting Christian values.

    • MItch07-07-11

      Paul beautifully connects biblical lessons with our modern-day problems, proof that the bible is not ‘outdated’ as naysayers claim, and still more relevant than ever before!

      I don’t believe there is any other candidate who could amount to half the Christian Ron is. He’s against taxing us to fund abortions, he’s by far the strongest pro-life candidate (delivering over 4,000 babies and counseling females who planned on aborting, to take another route), he clearly knows the bible, but most importantly, Paul follows and preaches the Just War Doctrine of Christianity, one that says wars should be fought ONLY in a defensive manner and as a last resort option – something we have strayed SO far from in recent decades.

  3. Brian07-06-11

    Ron Paul in 2012. Please look up Ron Pauls statement of faith. Ron Paul is the only TRUE Christian running. The Lord said you shall know them by their fruit. Some look at Ron wanting to legalize drugs etc as not a Christian stance, but it is. God gave everyone freedom of choice. It is not the states right to tell people what they can and cannot do. Ron Paul in 2012.

    • Bobby12-14-11

      Even God told the “state” (Nation of Israel) to punish and even to kill people for committing certain immoral acts. Read the Book of Leviticus sometime.

  4. Jim McClarin07-06-11

    Hope you realize that opposing a federal law against same-sex marriage does not mean a candidate sanctions it, only that like rape, murder, and lewd acts it should fall under the purview of state government. See Tenth Amendment.

  5. Bill Smith07-06-11

    I’m glad to see you came up with Ron Paul as your winner. Great choice. Paul’s vote against a same sex marriage ban is consistent with his position that same sex marriage is a STATES RIGHTS issue. Dr. Paul believes that the federal government should not be involved in marriage AT ALL. He feels the same way about state government… government should NOT be involved in the institution of marriage AT ALL. Marriage, according to the church, is between two people and their Creator. Why does the gov have to be involved??

    Dr. Paul is a God=fearing, church-going, Christian who has been married to the same woman for over 50 years. His consistent principles will go a long way to fix what ails this country.


  6. Chris Kuper07-07-11

    My two biggest issues are marriage and life. As a fellow believer in Christ I have yet to find another candidate that stands for those issues in such a bold and uncompromising way. A lot of my christian friends were telling me that Ron was for same sex marriage and it sort of took me by surprise, when I read his views on the subject I was shocked, not only is he NOT for legalizing same sex marriage, he is against the federal government being involved in marriage altogether. I’ll admit the concept was a bit foreign to me, but the more I read and the more I thought about it I had to admit he was right. Marriage is a covenant between a man, woman and God, that’s all. There is no room for the state in that bond. It is our right as Americans to worship our God and creator free from regulation, censorship and oppression. The very notion that the state can “permit” my holy union is becoming more and more repulsive to me each day. I was reminded of the pastors in the northern colonies that were imprisoned be the British because they refused to take licenses to preach. We as Christians need to stand out more in society, taking a principled stance on an issue of this sort is a good way to start.

  7. Charlie07-07-11

    Ron Paul understands that you can’t legislate morality. The Federal Govt. could make drugs, prostitution, gay marriage, abortion etc etc all illegal under the constitution and guess what… people would still do all of it. You want to know why? YOU CAN’T LEGISLATE MORALITY. It’s about time we elect someone into the white house that has a brain.

    • Bobby12-14-11

      But we do indeed “legislate morality” all the time. Always have. For instance, it is against the 10 Commandments to murder, and it is also against the law. It is also a violation of both to steal property. We even have made it illegal to lie under oath and now even when not under oath while speaking to the police. There are certain acts that are so morally reprehensible we have outlawed them, such as: We have made it illegal for a man to marry more than one woman in this country, or to marry or have sexual relations with a minor. If those are not moral issues then what are they?

      • George01-02-12

        Dr. D. James Kennedy spoke of this subject many times. It appears that the American people are afraid to stand up. The cloak of evil is covering their eyes and many of the responses sound just like the “sixties” church goers who might as well as sold flowers in the airports than do anything else. Ron Paul certainly is NOT a true Christian and prayerfully, will not be supported to run as a Republican.

  8. Chris Campbell07-07-11

    Ron truly represents what our faith filled founders intended for our country. He believes in the sanctity of life, he supports Israel, and he truly lives out his faith. He does not force his ideals through his politics, but he has consistently shown his Christian morals throughout even his private life, where I believe it matters the most. He really is the most Christian candidate!

  9. Allen07-07-11

    To those who are turned off by the perception of Ron Paul’s stance on drugs and other libertarian ideologies, I want to warn you how easily misconstrued this stance is. Ron Paul doesn’t advocate the use of drugs. He merely recognizes the idea of drug users being considered criminals is wrong, costly, and ineffective. He proposes to lift the federal war on drugs and allow the States to handle such issues as this (and gay marriage); which is what the 10th Amendment covers. Paul should be the logical choice for any God-loving Christian American.

    I appreciate people like the one commenter before me (Chris Kuper) who take the time to understand this point.

  10. Linda07-07-11

    Wasn’t federal involvement in marriage an attempt to outlaw racially mixed marriages? And it’s just another excuse to take our money anyway. (Are marriage licenses free?)
    Paul’s words get twisted all the time.
    And as a side note, on another of his positions, I feel that Christians for support of Israel militarily are setting Israel up for judgement. Show me one place in the scriptures where God blessed Israel for having a military alliance with ANYONE. Paul has said if you really want to defend Israel, go over there and fight. This is scriptural: David’s mighty men were from several countries. But judgement always followed Israel seekeing military treaties or back room deals with the nations.

  11. Sal07-07-11

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who adheres to biblical mandates and instructions regarding war and killing. Jesus is called the Prince of Peace for a purpose. He said in
    Matt. 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers…
    Matt. 5:44-48 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you,…..
    Matt. 26:52 Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.
    Mk. 12:30, 31 The two greatest commandments…..
    Luke 10:25-37 The parable of the good Samaritan….
    Acts 5:29 Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.
    Eph. 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,……

    There are many more, but it boggles the mind to see mainstream evangelical pastors wholly endorsing the wars which the U.S. govt. are raining down across the globe.

    If God is truly God, and those who call themselves believers say that His Word is supreme, does He not assure believers about protection, safety, and guidance? Does He not instruct to love, forgive, bless and not curse? Does He not instruct people to have no fear (Ps. 23)?

    Christians should align themselves in support of Ron Paul as the only candidate who wants to bring the troops home, and end the needless, expensive and morally wrong warmongering.

    A people can not be a shining city on a hill if they are bombing, maiming and destroying humans who they disagree with.

    Ron Paul wants each state to decide its own best course to govern its residents, as it was originally intended by Jefferson and those of his persuasion.
    Matt. 26

    • Don Pepe12-06-11

      Yes he does all that; but he says to let iran have nuclear weapons etc etc etc– why do you suppose he has not been elected after running several times.
      Nice try! demoncrat

    • Bobby12-14-11

      You left out the part where Jesus said, “… Let he who has no sword, sell his cloak and buy one.” Luke 22:36

  12. Dr, Kibble07-07-11

    Let us not forget that Ron Paul is an OB/GYN doctor who delivered over 4,000 babies and is adamantly pro-life! Can Mitt Romney claim such a resume on the sanctity of life? No. In fact, Romney is not only on the record as being pro-choice, he also implemented health care legislation while governor of Massachusetts that calls for taxpayer-funded abortions. As a previous commenter mentioned, by their fruits ye shall know them!

    Research for yourself Ron Paul’s voting record and listen to his own words. Please don’t take my word for it and certainly don’t take the mainstream media’s opinion of Ron Paul! His track record in word, and more importantly in action, speaks for itself.

  13. Scott07-07-11

    The subject of marriage should be up to the Church to decide and not the federal or the state governments. It is a religious institution between a man and a woman for life, not some government blessed entity. The whole idea of a Protect Marriage Amendment acknowledges that there could even be a same sex marriage. In the eyes of God, no such thing can even exist, even if the government says it can. Ron Paul’s pro marriage bills that he has introduced in the past have shown this because they allow people the freedom to not accept another’s “marriage” if they don’t believe it can exist. For instance, I don’t believe in divorce and then remarriage unless adultery has been committed, so why should I have to accept it? Same thing for a gay marriage. Neither of these entities exist according to the Bible.

  14. Joshua Jones07-07-11

    I too was surprised at the results, although I shouldn’t be. I was a pretty hardcore George W. Bush supporter, but mostly remained so during his second term because no one on the Democrat side of the isle seemed to offer any substantive solutions.

    However, during the 2007 GOP primary debates, I heard Dr. Paul voice a clearly different perspective of America’s current crises, issues an dilemmas. After researching each of the candidates online, I came across a youtube video of Dr. Paul on the US House floor discussing the Christian doctrine of Just War Theory ( I’d never heard about it. As I was initially uneasy about our decision to invade Iraq, I was intrigued by Dr. Paul’s principled stance of such an important subject. His knowledge and grasp of the situation compelled me to explore his views further.

    Let me tell you, he is really onto something big.

    America needs an independent leader unafraid to stand for his values. I hope and pray others will think, pray and research Dr. Paul’s moral philosophy – I truly believe it is what is right for America in these times. Ron Paul 2012! Or Rand Paul in 2016 – no other candidate can beat Obama intellectually and morally and with a consistently conservative, pro-American record.

  15. Joe07-07-11

    I believe that the one thing that drastically sets Ron Paul apart from all the other candidates is his Integrity. He is easily the most honest candidate running. Knowing that some of his views will be misconstrued, slanted, and then turned against him does not even cause him to pause before giving an honest answer to any question. He does not ever resort to misstating facts or even out right lying as the rest do. This man’s morals and integrity cannot be questioned and I believe that is why instead of attacking him the mainstream machine tries to ignore him and keep him in the shadows. Thank you for shedding light on him.

  16. Helen07-08-11

    Something important to note when choosing a candidate is how his personal life will impact his executive decisions. Many of the past and current christian candidates I fear would
    #1 Endeaavor to lead us into a theocracy rather than honor the republic we were designed to be. A republic respects all types of religious worship. I believe we are as a nation a majority of Christians, but, we are not a Christian nation. This is important.
    #2. Some of the candidates that profess Christian values come across to me as someone that simply professes that as yet another item to check off on their list of what people expect.
    #3. Ron Paul is a moral man of great integrity. He lives his life based on his Christian values, (which are sound), but he doesn’t force them on others. In a day of scandals and lewd behavior by our representatives, he is a breath of fresh air.
    #4. An important factor that many overlook is the great respect his message receives on college campuses. He isn’t talking to these kids about “govmt. programs, entitlements, or handouts. He is talking to them about freedom to pursue you dreams with the least amount of govmt. interference possible, at the same time he tells them that this can’t be acheived without personal responsibilty

    I listened carefully to each speaker at the recent Faith and Courage? convention to see which one was the most believeable in what they were saying. I’ve heard Ron Paul speak many times. His talk that day was as down to earth and correct as any I have ever heard him deliver. This isn’t because he is a “great” speaker, it is because he is relating how he lives his life.

    Our country is on the ropes and it requires a leader with a clear eye for the truth, sound solutions to our economic troubles, a builder of peace with our neighbors, a dedication to our constitution, and the courage to face his challengers, both foreign and domestic.

    I clearly see Ron Paul as the person best suited to this for President ’12.

  17. Britt0n07-11-11

    I am pleased to read this article and the related comments. I am a Christian, who wholeheartedly supports Ron Paul for President in 2012. I pray that Christians will wake up and vote for Ron Paul this next election.

  18. Ades07-11-11

    I think Paul is certainly the most walk-the-walk, least hypocritical, and arguably one of the most devout Christians in the bunch, but I’m still surprised he won. In no way does Paul support using force (government) to uphold Biblical standards of morality, but rather to simply prevent force initiated upon others. In the society Paul envisions (not that he’d have the authority as President to brings most of these to fruition of course), things like drugs, prostitution, gambling and stateless marriage (thus meaning the state can not enforce, or endorse, marriage definitions, and essentially means any group of any people may call themselves “married”) would all be legal (though not abortion of course). I tend to think of this site’s users as more prohibitionist on social matters.
    Perhaps the message of liberty within a Christian context is becoming more popular. That would make me happy.

  19. Joe Myers07-11-11

    You folk do know that Ron Paul does not believe the Jews in Israel are God’s chosen people. Right? (By ‘you folk’ I mean those who run this site and those who frequent it…minus the Ron Paul activists that Twittered this poll to skew it and who have commented here)

    • Mike07-14-11

      Nonsense. Where is the proof of this statement Joe? It’s simply not true.

    • Eric08-15-11

      Where in the world would anyone get the idea that someone can become one of God’s chosen people just by renouncing Jesus as the messiah, converting to Judaism, and becoming a citizen of the modern nation-state of Israel.

      Do some people really believe that? If they do, do they really consider themselves Christians?

  20. Chris07-15-11

    He was laughed at and ignored now he will be fought, for one thing, over his stance on Israel and the defense budget. Expect the likes of Hagee’s Cornerstone Church in San Antonio and Christians United for Israel – as well as other Christian and Jewish Zionists – to stoop to any and all lows in order to undermine Ron Paul’s campaign. They are the forces highlighted by Max Blumenthal’s videos, e.g. “Rapture Ready” and his “feeling the hate” series, which are all on youtube.

    The left and the right will stop caring about marriage and abortion and team up with their “Liberal Zionist” friends at rags like TNR to publish another “Angry White Man” piece about his newsletters (which was published the day before the NH primary), that he is a secret member of the John Birch Society, claim he is an isolationist or a traitor or “weak on defense” that wants to turn his back on the troops (even though he was in the AF), his statement of faith is fake, etc. It will get worse and worse but in the end he walks the walk and talks the talk and comes out on top because his noninterventionist policies are solid. He knows government is depraved because he’s been there and it’s obvious.

    The Zionists hate Dr. Paul because he isn’t an AIPAC toady. The military industrial complex has more to lose if Ron Paul’s message of nonintervention (aka “Isolationism”) catches on, much more to lose than Planned Parenthood or the NY State Senate. All those forces are going try and sink his candidacy. Whoever is profiting off of those secret CIA prisons in Somalia doesn’t want Ron Paul president, it wants Obama or Bachmann or Romney or pretty much anyone else because those folks will uphold the status quo.

    Your new friend Joe Myers there is just a taste. Prepare to face the dirtiest of tricks against the militarism and Zionism Kool Aid drinkers in their never ending quest to marginalize nonintervention.

  21. John E. Russell07-26-11

    Dr. Ron Paul is a good man. I was attracted to him for president, but now have doubts. A libertarian can easily slip into anarchy. Ron Paul is not an anarchist, but as a constitutionalist, he should be aware that according to amendments 5 and 14, Life trumps Liberty. If one is dead, Liberty and Property mean nothing to him. Legalizing drugs would place a stamp of approval from the highest authority figure in the United States to take drugs. Our history since legalizing alcohol has resulted in alcoholism becoming the number one problem in the United States–about 10% of people who begin drinking become alcoholics.

    Our youth are easily influenced and drug addiction would increase, along with disease transmission. See
    My father died before I was born due to drinking beer and taking luminal. A nephew became addicted to drugs. His wife died of AIDS. He has AIDS and his life is ruined apart from a miracle from God. His daughter has AIDS. Those in authority need to warn our youth to avoid all drugs. Endorsing drugs by legalizing them is a sin and should be a crime.

    Dr. John E. Russell
    Chaplain (COL) AUS Retired

  22. Kieran08-01-11

    Dr. John E. Russell, as Ron Paul, and many others have said, there is no proof that drug addiction would increase. Please try to listen to Dr. Paul speak on the issue. He does not want to legalize drugs, he wants to leave it down to the states to decide.

    Also, if heroin were legalized right now, would you go out and take it? That is another good point Dr. Paul made. If anything, the fact that drugs are illegal drives more people to take them.

    Also, if a state decided to legalize and regulate heroin, the spread of AIDS would be drastically reduced, due to clean needles being available.

    I am a christian, and if I could vote for Dr. Paul, I absolutely would.

  23. Cynthia08-15-11

    I also support Ron Paul and even on those issues where I wondered – What is he talking about? – when I looked at his Constitutional and Biblical approach to those issues I had to admit he was correct. To understand Paul, you have to reeducate your mind from our daily does of media hype and years of humanist/atheist government education. I wholeheartedly support Paul’s ideas that marriage belongs with our faith and not in the government’s reach. Our founding fathers got married and wrote that union in their Bibles. In that – it was solidly set. Lets get the atheist government out of our lives, the international United Nations out of our military, and with God’s help and better United States of America.
    Paul was just on Piers Morgan about 30 minutes ago and he defended life in the womb. Morgan chastised him heavily and said that MANY people would disagree with his opinions. Lets support the life of the unborn with an honest man that will actually follow through.

  24. Eric08-15-11

    I too am surprised so many Christians voted to have women ruling over them.

    Hopefully Ron Paul can get this level of support in the primaries. He’s the candidate Christians want. Now we just need to do our part to help him win.

  25. Gavin Wilder08-16-11

    Dr. Ronald Paul, his whole life reflects the Godly principals that this generation needs to behold. I believe God would have great mercy on this nation with a leader with such a good heart at the helm. Even at his age he is blessed with a keen quick mind that overflows with sharp, full wisdom and common sense and never pushes the Jesus button for votes. Ron Paul does not wear gleaming fancy Bible word robes to manipulate Christian’s who tend to fall for anyone who’s say’s God bless America. I’ve called him President since “08” even though not recognized officially. I pray this election the Complex does not win its battle to keep the corrupt eco system of Wall Street, Government and Media in place; its clear they fear a righteous man will thwart the trend our nation has gone through to weaken it from within and and without. Thank you. ~Gavin Wilder

  26. James10-07-11

    Ron Paul is a good man but he’s not the “only Christian” and certainly no one writing here can testify to such a fact, as it’s known only to God so why would Paulite waste their time writing such dribble? My greatest fear of a Paul candidacy is his isolationist views and his followers “democract party like” belief in the truth of everything that he says. Listening to his fanatical followers talk about Paul reminds me of those guys who claim Chuck Norris can one-up everything. I haven’t figured out what it is about him that causes fellow believers to attack the the faith of the other candidates just to pump up their candidate. Stick to his policies and pray for all the candidates, after all, Paul probably won’t be the nominee – again.

  27. Vitaliy01-05-12

    I am shocked that people would support a man who is a conspiracy theorist and believes that American’s created 9/11. But furthermore, I am shocked that Christians would support a man who would not do anything for the Christian movement. Rick Santorum is a true Christian, and he does not hide it by preaching his Biblically aligned beliefs. Ron Paul, on the contrary, believes anyone could do whatever they want.

    1. He despises Israel and believes the Jews are behind terrorist plots. In essence, he’s an anti-Semite.

    2. He would NOT FIGHT FOR TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE. With his isolationist stance, he believes it should be left to the state. He would not defend and support federal amendments for us Christians.

    3. For him abortion is the same. Though he might not believe it is right, he is not against it being a norm.

  28. Wayne05-21-12

    Ron Paul is unlike any other candidate in that he doesn’t promote his beliefs in sound bites. You have to listen to him carefully, read all his position papers where he lays out the full story, and understand he is very practical in what he advocates. He is a Libertarian, not a Republican. A Libertarian believes that everyone should take care of themselves and not become a burden on society or the government. They also believe that we all should exercise freedom. If we believe a certain way, then we should have the freedom to exercise that belief with out interference from others or government. That shows in his hands off approach to abortion and marriage. He shows his practical side in that he doesn’t advocate laws to prevent abortion and gay marriage. Society will do whatever it feels like doing. Government is not going to stop anyone unless nearly everyone also believes the same way. Then it’s not really government that stopped it, but peer pressure. Look at prohibition. It didn’t stop drinking. It only caused crime to increase. Banning illegal drugs is causing the same problem. We didn’t stop abortions before Roe v Wade either. On a different subject, there are a lot of things that the government of Israel is doing wrong. In their zeal to make a homeland for Jews, they also have destroyed what little Christian presence was in Palestine. As Christians, we can’t be happy about that. In fact, the strife Israel has stirred up in all of the Middle East has caused untold damage to Christian communities throughout the whole area. If we want to be advocates for Christian beliefs, then we should get busy in the market place of ideas. Don’t sit on your duff and expect government to support your position. In America, government represents a diverse set of citizens. What we should advocate are laws that open the door for all to have a voice regardless of what they advocate. Not suppression of ideas we don’t like. Ron Paul is the kind of person I favor for President or any other government office because he truly represents what America is about. If you want government to suppress what you don’t like, then go form a socialist or fascist government where the government tells everyone to live by their standard and suppresses everything else. America has a unique government unlike any in the world. Let’s not mess it up with our own ideas of Utopia. In America, we have the freedom to worship how we choose, speak whatever we want to say, write any kind of book we want, advocate for what we think is right and all without any fear of being thrown in jail. That is freedom not found anywhere else on earth. Don’t operate like government is your advocate. As Christians, Christ is our advocate. Don’t try to build heaven. That is God’s job and he will do it in due time. Let liberals try to build their atheistic Utopia by government dictate. They will never succeed. Only God can pull that off. Until that occurs, let’s do what He told us to do…spread the gospel.

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