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Reason Number One Why Barack Obama is NOT a Christian; Anti-Sanctity of Life

January 30, 2012 Posted in Commentary | 3 comments
Reason Number One Why Barack Obama is NOT a Christian; Anti-Sanctity of Life

We are excited to premiere the first video, in our ten-part series, on why Barack Obama is NOT a Christian! Each month we will be rolling out a new video that documents Obama's anti-Christians actions, words and policies since becoming President in 2009.

Part 1: Anti-Sanctity of Life; A look Obama's healthcare bill and its anti-life provisions.

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  • tom says:

    Why aren’t you Christian? Why are you Bearing False Witness against your neighbor. Because you know that’s a commandment too. Why are you lying against the President when its been proven there are no death panels. Why are you lying and deceiving people…you know who deceives people…Satan that’s who.

    • Linda says:

      You need to get your facts straight. Obama is a proven LIAR. He belonged to a so-called church which spewed HATRED-not the gospel of Jesus Christ. He’s also well known for his Pro abortion stance, voting FOR partial birth abortion, which is a hideous procedure that only those who are hardened and calloused beyond comprehension would support it. A man with no soul can’t possibly be a Christian.

  • froy slusher says:

    Linda you are 110% right he is the Anti-Crist!
    Tom is BLIND like the BIBLE says………

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