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Obama + Islam = Love

09 Aug Posted by in Commentary | 3 comments

President Obama has been aligned with Muslim sentiments his whole life. In fact, his father and step-father were both Muslims. Obama spent much of his childhood in a Muslim nation and still reminisces on Islam’s “beautiful” prayers. But does Islam and American ideals really go together? Obama think so.

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  1. RJSchex08-09-12

    Obama is completely correct. “Christian Nation” is both a MYTH and a LIE. Article 11 of the 1797 Treaty of Tripoli clearly states that the United States WAS NOT founded on the Christian religion.

  2. Morris08-14-12

    While America is indeed a pluralistic society in which everyone is free to worship (or not) as they please, I believe as well that the majority of Americans still consider America a Christian nation as founded upon Godly Christian principles, wondering just where Barack Obama gets his false information? What I personally believe is that his pandering words and incorrect pronouncements are weak-willed, non-principled attempts to appease Muslims. I can almost hear his thoughts: “If I can just convince these violent, hate-filled Islamists that Americans actually think and believe as they do, maybe they won’t continue to hate and attack us, viewing us as their own brothers in the faith.” (I say ‘brothers’ because Muslims don’t recognize women as people whose thoughts and beliefs matter in any way, shape, or form.) Since Christianity and Islam are at odds and cannot be reconciled, no genuine Christian would protect and support Islamic doctrines and methods the way President Obama does.

    • Mike08-15-12

      It always amazes me the way some, including you Morris, use their own views on faith to say who is and isn’t a ‘genuine Christian.’ Despite the fact that I completely disagree with this website and your comment Morris, if you say you are a Christian I have to accept that on face value because no man can know another’s heart. President Obama IS a Christian because he professes to believe in Christ. As so many conservatives are so fond of saying, it’s Christ + nothing.

      For every act of hate Muslim extremists have perpetrated I’m sure that we can find an equal number of incidents perpetrated by Christian Extremists. That fact is irrelevant because we live in America and it goes against our core values to say that someone can’t practice a particular religion here in this country. That is one thing among many that makes this country great. Love it or leave it brother.

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