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Now What?

17 Oct Posted by in Commentary | 4 comments

I won’t sugar coat what I’m thinking and feeling in response to the failure of conservatives to stop Obama-care and its abortion subsidy mandate. By funding the government they have made it much harder to defeat Obama-care. So, where do we go from here?


The utter incompetence of conservatives to get a positive result is infuriating. They are either too stupid or too wimpy or both to get things done.

Conservatives in the House of Representatives could have held the line, but they were either manipulated by the lie that the US would default on the debt or they could not stand the pressure. Then, in a demonstration of utter folly, they gave Speaker John Boehner a standing ovation for losing!

What do we get for their ineptitude?

  • • The roll out of Obama-care, the dream-come-true for far left pro-abortion progressives.
  • • A President that knows he doesn’t have to give up anything, including abortion subsidies, because conservatives will fold.
  • • A frustrated conservative base having confirmation that they have no competent leadership in Washington.


Progressives have won the day because of their unrelenting 100-year campaign to turn America into a socialist slave state. They have accomplished this by taking over the media, education and even parts of the church.

The good news is because socialism is built on lies it never works. The rollout of Obama-care is a chilling example of gross, governmental incompetence. But, people will suffer and even die because of Obama-care and we are all compelled to subsidize it.


We must have the long view. In the short run we must do our part to frustrate and wound the leviathan of government. We must fight for our ideals and run conservative candidates for office in 2014. We have to keep the faith that over time we can defeat the lies of progressivism. This requires that we know what we believe and how to refute the liberal lies.

We must have a long view and continue to conduct an ideological war of attrition, cutting and striking at the liberal agenda at every turn while infiltrating and impacting all the institutions of culture, displacing the liberals, so we can communicate our ideals to the next generation. The fact that Americans have been duped into believing the lies of liberalism is very disconcerting. We have lots of work to do.

The good news is Jesus concluded the Sermon on the Mount by declaring unless we build our lives on His words we are building on shifting sand. The storms of life will come and only those things built on his words will remain. As members of Christ’s unshakable kingdom we can fight knowing our adversaries’ godless, socialist agenda is doomed.


Have faith in Christ, serve Him wholly, pray for revival, renew your mind to God’s Word, share the Gospel, become a member of a biblical Church, work hard, tithe, get married to another Christian, have lots of babies, raise them to know and love God, be salt and light, use your gifts to impact the culture, don’t be a burden on others, pay your own way, be generous to the truly needy (i.e. widows and orphans). In other words, live like America’s founding Puritans.

We have only just begun to fight! Thankfully there are many other conservatives with whom we can join to fight to regain our lost liberties. We can’t give up because we owe it to God to be faithful and our children and grandchildren are counting on us!

  1. Mrs Barbara M Sayre10-17-13

    Thank you Gary, I have been beside myself with the utter failure of the so-called Conservatives. You are right on in your evaluation of the situation, and the plan to reverse course.
    Now we must try to re-educate the “lo-info” folks (Rush Limbaugh) the term aptly describes them.. that is the biggest problem. I see some who are warming up as great candidates for 2014, and although I could vote for a President and Vice president today – I pray that there will still be the opportunity to vote in 2016. God is in charge and only He has the power to change government.. IF we will confess our sins, humble ourselves, pray, and seek His face, He promises to heal our land. BUT I am afraid we do not have enough left who even know HIM. and that;s where we must share the gospel constantly.
    Thanks again, and God Bless you and all you are doing.

  2. Morris10-17-13

    My Pastor repeatedly says that the answer to ANYTHING that happens in this (temporal) life is to ‘GO ON WITH GOD’. For Christians having their hearts set on seeing and living with Jesus for eternity, there can be no other answer, despite what comes or what goes. We live in this corrupt, fallen world where sin and sinners abound, although we are not a part of it, having our eternal citizenship in God’s everlasting Kingdom. God’s Word says that for those who truly love the Lord, ALL THINGS work together for good — a scripture I cling to and stand upon during times such as these. While the world in general is opting for Hell and damnation (multitudes choosing the broad, wide gate), a ‘few’ will find the strait and narrow gate, personally planning to pass that way no matter what happens (politically or otherwise). While the world worsens and grows darker, the (true) Church will be purified and grow brighter. The worse things get upon Earth, the brighter Jesus and His Bride will shine! Whether events and headlines are good or bad, everybody just GO ON WITH GOD as Dr. Cass describes.

  3. George Simmons10-18-13

    You and your fellow evangelicals are living in a fantasy world. You really think it was a lie that the government would default on its debt? And you really think that defaulting on debt is better than health care reform? I really think Satan has deceived you. What you are doing is discrediting Christianity more than anything else going on today.

  4. Jon10-19-13

    Obamacare will prevent abortions.

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