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NEWEST VIDEO: Obama’s Radical Supreme Court Judges

03 May Posted by in Commentary | 3 comments

There’s an old saying that “personnel is policy.” Taking a look at President Obama’s appointments to the Supreme Court only reveals his anti-Christian agenda. Both Sonia Sotomayor and Elana Kagan hold extreme ideologies and have a history of supporting or engaging in judicial activism.

Watch our latest video below, “Reason #4 Why Barack Obama is NOT a Christian.” In it we document Obama’s Supreme Court nominations and why they are a danger to your liberties.

  1. Morris05-03-12

    Thank you for installment #4. For someone (anyone) to advocate, support and defend the murder of even one innocent unborn child as that child slowly developes in its mother’s womb (the way all human life begins) and at the same time call themselves Christian is ludicrous! A genuine Christian does not go against the Word of Almighty God for lining up with godless practices as permitted and condoned by mankind’s fallen societies, genuine Christians commanded by God to be ‘salt’ and ‘light’ to a sin-enslaved world. Why doesn’t Barack Obama and those like him who obviously can’t or won’t acknowledge a difference between the holy and the profane simply sit down and READ the Bible sometime for learning what God thinks and has to say about the godless practices they espouse, such as abortion, homosexuality and other vile sins. Just because Barack Obama goes about declaring himself a Christian for political gain, hoping to deceive the masses into believing he is something he is not, does NOT make him the Christian he fraudulently claims to be. Mankind’s spiritual enemy and evil opponent, Satan, is obviously in control of the President’s heart, mouth and life, either through gross ignorance or, worse, the President deliberately choosing to become a high-profile advocate for the godless causes of the wicked one.

  2. Skooter McGoo05-04-12

    As per the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, the USA was NOT founded as a Christian nation. Hence the reason the words God nor Christianity do not appear in said Amendment. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
    Christian faith is not the only religion that is practiced in the USA & no religion is required of any USA citizens.

    • LadyLoneStar08-20-13

      The first Bible published in the USA was in 1663. The congress of the USA endorsed one in 1782. America may NOT have been the UNITED STATES at the time but the people who settled here WERE and ARE Christians with Christian values. The 1st Amendment was established to protect Christian’s right of free exercise of their Christianity. There will always been doubters and deceivers, this truth is recorded in the Holy Bible. But one thing always will remain…God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. No one “requires” anyone to be a Christian, God has given everyone freewill to choose…but our USA Constitution protects Christians TO be Christians. And it matters not to me whether you accept that choice…again, we all have the right to chose. Some have chosen more wisely than others. As you have the right not to believe, I have the right to believe in one God, one Savior (Jesus Christ). I will not judge you, don’t judge me.

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