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NEWEST VIDEO: Obama’s Heretical Theology

29 Mar Posted by in Commentary | 2 comments

As President, Barack Obama operates from worldview that Jesus rejected. A look at Obama’s mentors shows that he has been greatly influenced by Black Liberation Theology. The theology is unbiblical and is not supported by evangelicals. But Obama still claims to be a Christian.

Watch our latest video “Reason #3 Why Barack Obama is NOT a Christina; His Heretical, Marxist, Black Liberation Theology.”

Click here to read more about Black Liberation Theology, “The Voices in Obama’s Head.”

  1. Morris03-29-12

    As a racially descriptive term, applying the word ‘black’ to anything Christian immediately defines it as heretical, the Bible plainly stating that, in the Spirit, there is no defining race, gender, nationality, social status, etc. — all becoming ONE in Christ Jesus (Gal.3:28). A genuine Christian should immediately recognizes that something is terribly wrong with the description of one’s demoninational affiliation and theological premise as exclusively ‘black’, God certainly not white, black, brown, red, yellow or looking upon the outward to see who is or who isn’t. God looks only upon the heart while inviting WHOSOEVER WILL to come and drink freely from the precious Fountain of Life (“flowing from Emanuel’s veins” as the old Christian hymn goes). The perfect God’s way of offering salvation to all mankind is perfect as well — extending His gift of love and mercy to anybody and everybody who wants it, no outward criteria required. Using ‘black’, ‘white’, or any racially descriptive term is obviously a Satanic method for creating division, strife, war and death among human populations, an evil strategy the wicked one has employed against mankind from the beginning (historically verifiable).

  2. Alicynx03-30-12

    I think you’re confused on a number of levels. Firstly, even though the President is not required to be a Christian, he says that he is. His religion is of NO consequence to us, as it is not, nor should it be, what guides him in his decisions while in office. I’m sure you disagree with me on this, but let’s just agree that you’re wrong and move forward.
    Secondly, nowhere in the Bible does Jesus advocate for the races to come together. Nope, nowhere. You can quote an esoteric passage that hints at equality, but it is NEVER explicitly stated that all races are equal. In fact, slavery was endorsed and guided by the Bible, and Jesus himself indicated that it and other rules in the Old Testament still stand. This is in Matthew 5:17-18.
    None of this makes what those people say okay, however President Obama is his own person, and not the sum of his influences. I was raised in an extremely racist environment, and yet I carry none of those influences in my daily life. Just because someone listens to something doesn’t mean they take it to heart and preach it themselves. As you probably won’t allow this to stay up, I hope that it at least plants a seed of understanding in you, so that you can stop pushing this hatred and be a bit more Christian yourself.

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