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NEWEST VIDEO: Obama’s Anti-Christian Homosexual Agenda

19 Jun Posted by in Commentary | 3 comments

In an effort to secure the Presidency again, Barack Obama has recently come out of the closet in favor of homosexual marriage. His own re-election campaign has labeled him the most pro-homosexual President in history.

From his policies to his federal appointments and nominees, all signs point to Obama’s extreme political payback to radical homosexual activists.

When Obama announced his endorsement of homosexual “marriage,” he tried to justify it by invoking Christ. But the Bible is very clear about homosexual acts being a very evil thing. Obama has conveniently dismissed the plain teaching of the Bible that calls homosexual acts “indecent” and “perverse.”

When it comes to homosexuality, Obama opposes the traditional, biblical and historic standards of the Christian faith. Jeremiah the prophet warned, “Behold, they have rejected the word of the Lord; So what wisdom do they have?” The answer is obvious! None!

Obama has foolishly rejected God’s definition of marriage. So, is Barack Obama a Christian? You decide.

Watch our latest video to find out what Obama has done since becoming president to advance this dangerous agenda.

  1. Adam06-19-12

    Here’s a little bit of advice for you Gary, many people (myself included) will not waste their time to watch a video on YouTube if the uploader has disabled the comments and/or ratings. SOP for you seems to be that you disable both.

  2. Benjamin06-21-12

    Im sure Gary misses your view and remarks!

  3. Trudy08-13-12

    (Bravo, DefendChristians. Saw this gem on the net.)


    (Some definitions from A Kansas Patriot)

    (1) Barack-coli: a veggie the first George Bush hated – or a lowdown bacterium that has become a national plague.

    (2) Mecca wafers: Barack’s favorite candy.

    (3) White House fence: a well-known border fence not high enough to keep out criminals and anyone who’s illegal.

    (4) Nancy Pelosi: BO-toxic.

    (For more on BO, Google or MSN “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up” and “The Anti-Chick-fil-A Jihad.”)

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