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LISTEN: Dr. Gary Cass Exposes Islam’s True Agenda

22 Aug Posted by in Commentary | 1 comment

In a recent radio interview with Paul Ridgeway of AM980 in Minneapolis, Dr. Gary Cass discussed the current persecution of Christians in Baghdad and around the world. Dr. Cass also deals with the true teachings of Islam in Mosques throughout America and the world, and disputes any comparisons to defending today’s Iraqi Christians with the Crusades.

The interview with Dr. Cass begins at minute 12 and lasts until 33:30.

  1. Morris08-23-14

    Brief interview, although truthful and to the point, agreeing with everything stated by Dr. Cass regarding Islam and the murderous intentions of the Islamist State army. This level of evil must be met head on and wiped out, believing America should do much more than it has done thus far. While our president plays golf and boogies down, etc., innocent men, women and children are dying senseless deaths, astounded by Obama’s lack of concern and indecisive stalling. But then, what should one expect from a pro-Muslim president?

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